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Exploring the American idea through ambitious, essential reporting and storytelling. Of no party or clique since 1857.

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Independent news from the sharpest academic minds. Read: Subscribe for free: Donate:

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Where tomorrow is realized || Sign up for our newsletters:

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Research, News, and Commentary from Nature, the international journal of science. For daily science news, get Nature Briefing:

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Advancing technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity. View the IEEE social media terms and conditions:

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The latest technology news and analysis from the world's leading engineering magazine.

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Original news, reviews, analysis of tech trends, and expert advice on the most fundamental aspects of tech.

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Our in-depth reporting on innovation reveals and explains what’s really happening now to help you know what’s coming next.

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Best of The Verge covers life in the future.

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Best of Scott Young

My book, ULTRALEARNING, is out now:

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The Heart of Tech ❤️

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Technology news and analysis with a focus on founders and startup teams. Got a tip?

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Inspiring readers to think beyond traditional boundaries & create the future of business. Subscribe to our daily newsletter: profile image

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This account is no longer active. Go here instead:

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Our world, explained.

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Smart Brevity worthy of people's time, attention and trust. Subscribe to our newsletters:

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Do everything better.

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Aeon is a magazine of ideas and culture. Psyche is our sister magazine focused on the human condition. Visit and for more.

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Illuminating math and science. Supported by @SimonsFdn. 2022 Pulitzer Prize in Explanatory Reporting.

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Curated stories on user experience, usability, and product design. By @fabriciot and @caioab.

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Bestselling author of "Hooked" and "Indistractable"

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Learn from the world’s biggest thinkers.

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Inspiring creativity 👌

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Unparalleled reporting and commentary on politics and culture, plus humor and cartoons, fiction and poetry. Get our Daily newsletter:

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The learning community for ambitious knowledge workers 🧠✨ Join us to think better, learn faster & work happier: Founded by @neuranne

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Creator of Zen Habits. Training in uncertainty. Zen student, vegan, dad, husband.

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Best of Collab Fund

Collab = (people x stuff) + new technologies^creativity

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Trying to work out what's going on, and what happens next. Mostly tech.

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We're a nonprofit publication covering global technology outside the West. Sign up:

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We're a nonprofit news org dedicated to telling stories of climate solutions and a just future. Get our journalism in your inbox:

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Transforming how people lead and innovate.

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The best ideas in business and management to help people, organizations, and economies work better.

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NYT Bestselling Author of The Obstacle Is The Way & more @DailyStoic @DailyDadEmail One free email per day. Inspired by Stoic philosophy:

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Helping you make sense of the ever-evolving #SocialMedia and #DigitalMarketing landscape. Signup for our newsletter here:

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In-depth reporting on startup Europe, for startup Europe. 🇪🇺 Subscribe to Sifted Pro for unique market insights and vital intelligence:

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First round, first hires, first product, first customers — we’ve helped @NotionHQ, @Roblox, @Uber, @Square, and 300 others tackle these firsts and more.

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Best of Darius Foroux

Author of 7 books. I write about investing, productivity, habits, Stoicism, and more.

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Best of Singularity Hub

Chronicling technological progress in AI, robotics, health, & exponential tech. By @singularityu.

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Obsessed with covering transformative technology.

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Original reporting on everything that matters. Sign up for the VICE Newsletter:

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Data-driven visual content focused on global trends, investing, technology, and the economy.

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We are the Nieman Journalism Lab, part of @niemanfdn at Harvard. We're trying to figure out the future of news.

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Best of Lenny Rachitsky

👋 Newsletter | Podcast: | Jobs: | Investing:

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Best of Nautilus Magazine

Cutting-edge science, unraveled in award-winning journalism by the very brightest living thinkers. Click the link to subscribe to the newsletter. profile image

Best of

helping make 🎏 @glitch • board member @eff @girlsclubny @themarkup • over at now • used to be well-known here back when Twitter still mattered

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Best of Anne Helen Petersen

I write Culture Study & also books — most recently, OUT OF OFFICE. Speaking: @prhspeakers IG: annehelenpetersen // email: annehelenpetersen @ gmail

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Best of Granta

The Quarterly Magazine of New Writing.

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Best of Corporate Rebels

On a mission to #MakeWorkMoreFun | Get your weekly rebelliousness in a 2-minute read, absolutely free

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Best of Tomasz Tunguz

Venture capitalist at @theoryvc. Student of Startups. Author of Winning with Data Author of

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Best of Psychology Today

Insight about everybody's favorite subject: Ourselves.

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Best of Gergely Orosz

Writing @Pragmatic_Eng & @EngGuidebook. Advisor @mobile__dev. Formerly Uber & Skype. Great tech jobs: Contact:

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Best of Bill McKibben

Author, Educator, Environmentalist and founder of and Opinions all my own, and expressed at greater length at

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Best of Nathan Yau

making charts

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Best of Tim Harford

Author How To Make The World Add Up (UK) / The Data Detective (US). Cautionary Tales podcast. Undercover Economist at the FT. BBC More or Less. Views my own.

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Best of John Cutler

I like the beautiful mess of product development.| newsletter:

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Best of Scott Alexander

I have a place where I say complicated things about philosophy and science. That place is my blog. This is where I make terrible puns.

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Best of Oliver Schöndorfer 🇺🇦

Teaching designers & devs about the power of digital typography! 📼 #PimpMyType YouTube Channel 💌 Weekly #FontFriday NL 🤢 Stretched fonts 😍 #variablefonts

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Best of Futurism

Cutting-edge journalism and analysis on the latest emergent science, technology and medicine news changing the world. These are the stories of tomorrow, today.

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Best of Stef Walter

UX Researcher & Inclusive Designer working in Enterprise UX. Speaker, Author & Teacher. Chaotic neutral tea, SVG & CSS Lover. She/Her 🌈

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Best of Farnam Street

Mastering the best of what other people have already figured out and thinking about thinking at profile image

Best of

Reporting research on human behavior and cognition, including #Psychology #Neuroscience #PoliSci #Sociology and #Psychiatry

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Best of Ed Zitron

CEO @EZPR. British. writer @thisisinsider - Top 50 @insidertechbiz tech PR 4x - newsletter - 2x Author - public relations

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Best of Frederic Filloux

• Grand reporter et chroniqueur à L'Express. • Senior business writer & columnist for L'Express (🇫🇷) •

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Best of Noah Smith

Writes about economics, tweets about rabbits. For serious opinions/analysis, read my blog:

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Best of The School of Life

Ideas to help you learn, heal and grow. Subscribe here:

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Best of briankrebs

Independent investigative journalist. Author of 'Spam Nation,' a NYT bestseller. Former Washington Post reporter. Mastodon:

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Best of Scott Galloway

Product of big government @ucla @ucberkeley | Prof Marketing @NYUStern | Right of Center-Left | #ProfGPod @PivotPod | Strategy Sprint @section_school

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Best of LifeHack

LifeHack helps busy people get the most out of their lives in the shortest amount of time, through actionable, step-by-step systems that multiply results.

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Author of ‘Hidden Genius.' Order your copy here: Sign up for my newsletter The Profile here:

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Best of vitalik.eth

mi pinxe lo crino tcati

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Best of steve blank

Customer Development & Secret History, Teaching at Stanford and Columbia

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Best of Protocol

We reported on the people, power and politics of tech.

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Best of Marty Cagan

I'm a founder and partner at Silicon Valley Product Group, former product leader at eBay, Netscape and HP. Author of INSPIRED and EMPOWERED.

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Best of Matt Taibbi


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Best of Tiago Forte

The Second Brain Guy | Learn how to build one for yourself: | Writing: | Videos:

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Best of Matt Heinz

B2B demand generation, pipeline management, sales enablement, content strategy, marketing technology, driving revenue results. Book Matt to speak @ link below.

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Best of Mark Schaefer

TED keynote speaker, marketing strategist, university educator, author of 9 books including "KNOWN" "Marketing Rebellion" and "Cumulative Advantage."

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Best of Jason Fried

Founder & CEO at 37signals (makers of Basecamp and HEY). Non-serial entrepreneur, serial author. No DMs, email me at

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Best of Emily Oster

Data-Driven Pregnancy and Parenting Economist @BrownUniversity Author #ExpectingBetter, #Cribsheet, #FamilyFirm ParentData Newsletter 👇

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Best of Josh Bersin

Corporate Talent, HR, & Learning Analyst, research, education, advisory in HR, management, tech,, Author of Irresistible:

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Best of Input

What comes next in technology, culture, and the spaces in between.

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Best of Ann Handley

Author. Marketer. Chief Content Officer waging a war on content mediocrity. Everybody Writes 2 is the best sequel of the year! I'm also @marketingprofs here.

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Best of fodorstravel

In 1936, we created our first guidebook. Now, we’re a global team of creators bringing you daily travel stories.

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Best of Evening Standard

Official account of the London Evening Standard 📰 Follow our news account here 👉👉

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Best of CBS News

Your source for original reporting and trusted news. 📺 CBS | Streaming on the CBS News app | @ParamountPlus

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Best of Slate

A daily magazine on the web. Subscribe to Slow Burn Season 8: Becoming Justice Thomas—out now.

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Best of Forbes

Sign up now for Forbes' free daily newsletter for unmatched insights and exclusive reporting:

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Best of Atlas Obscura

The definitive guide to the world's hidden wonders. Order our latest book "Gastro Obscura: A Food Adventurer's Guide" today!

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Best of Joshua Becker

Inspiring people to own less and live more at Becoming Minimalist. Founder of @TheHopeEffect. New book: Things That Matter:

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Best of Ben Sandofsky

Cofounder, @halidecamera.

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Best of The New York Times

News tips? Share them here:

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Best of Gizmodo

We come from the future

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Best of Los Angeles Times

News from a West Coast perspective.

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Tech Enthusiasts - Power Users - IT Professionals - Gamers

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Your source for the best phones, streaming, apps, headphones, deals, and more. If you buy our editorially chosen picks, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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Serving sports fans. Anytime. Anywhere.

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Best of New Atlas

Extraordinary ideas that move the world forward

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Best of figmadesign

You can now find us @figma. 👋

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Best of Polygon

A tour guide for the wilderness of modern entertainment. We find, share, and investigate the things you love and the people who make and enjoy them.

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Best of TIME

News and current events from around the globe. Since 1923. Subscribe:

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Best of Rolling Stone

The latest news and more from Rolling Stone magazine and Got a tip? Share it here:

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Yes, we are just now launching on TikTok. We’re 93 years old, leave us alone.👇

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Best of Insider Business

What you want to know about business. A section of @thisisinsider. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Visit our homepage for the day's top stories.

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Best of Eater

Where to eat and why it matters in the world's best food cities. Sign up for our newsletter ⬇️

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Best of Bon Appétit

Recipes. Restaurants. Food. Culture.

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Best of The New Republic

Founded in 1914, The New Republic is a magazine of interpretation and opinion for a rapidly changing world.

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Best of Tom Greene

Thinker. Writer. Humorist. Deep-dives into the best ways to lead a more intentional and fulfilling life. Bi-weekly articles and podcasts.

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Best of Los Angeles Magazine

The definitive resource and indispensable guide to Los Angeles, since 1961.

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Best of AnOther Magazine

A modern eye on fashion, culture and ideas

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Best of MIT Press

Committed to the daily re-imagining of what a university press can be since 1962. | RTs ≠ endorsements

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Best of Quillette

Free Thought Lives

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Best of The Guardian

The need for independent journalism has never been greater. Become a Guardian supporter:

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Best of Harper's Magazine

“Stranger and better than you might expect.” @nytimes Subscribe: Press: Customer care:

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Best of Audubon Society

The original tweeters. Audubon protects birds and the places they need, today and tomorrow.

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Best of Bit

Build composable apps and features with Bit components. Split and distribute development to easily scale it → → →

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Best of NPR

NPR is an independent news organization committed to informing the public about the world around us. You can find us every other place you read the news.

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Best of Noema Magazine

Exploring the transformations sweeping our world. Published by @berggruenInst. Pitch us:

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Best of Engadget

Engadget is the original home for technology news and reviews.

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Best of The Ringer

Sports. TV. Movies. Pop Culture. Music.

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Best of History Today

The world’s leading serious history magazine. Subscribe with 3 issues for £5 at

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Best of New Scientist

The best place to find out what’s new in science – and why it matters.

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Best of JSTOR Daily

Online magazine that draws on scholarly research @JSTOR. Offers fresh insight into current affairs. Subscribe for free:

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Best of The Wall Street Journal

Sign up for our newsletters and alerts: | Got a tip? | For WSJ customer support:

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Best of SELF

Wellness you can trust. #TeamSELF

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Best of Guardian US

US news, opinion, features and sports from the Guardian. Support the Guardian today:

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Best of Seth Godin

Author, blogger, a lifetime of projects. This is a retweet of my blog.

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Best of Guardian Environment

News and comment on the world's most important environmental stories

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Best of Literary Hub

A daily literary website highlighting the best in contemporary fiction, nonfiction, and criticism.

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Best of The Washington Post

Democracy Dies in Darkness

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Best of Outside

A run, hike, ride, or meditation can change everything. Live Bravely! IG: @outsidemagazine Newsletters: Cover photo: Mark Fleming

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Best of Current Affairs

A magazine of political commentary, analysis, and amusements.

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Best of Le Monde

L'actualité de référence par la rédaction du Monde | Piloté par @hpagesy @gregorbrandy & @PBerhouet Nos comptes Twitter associés :

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Best of FashionUnited

International fashion network with fashion news, jobs, intelligence and more. 📰 Subscribe to our daily newsletter:…

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Best of Brain Pickings

Reader. Writer.

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Best of Design You Trust

The source of inspiration.

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Best of NBC News

News updates from around the 🌎, all day, every day.

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Best of 19thnews

The 19th is an independent, nonprofit newsroom reporting at the intersection of gender, politics and policy.

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Best of NBC News Health

Health, diet and nutrition news from @NBCNews.

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Best of Condé Nast Traveler

Find the best places to go, things to do and hear from people from all around the world as they express their love for travel, community and connection.

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Best of PBS

PBS’s editorial independence is central to our work and will never change. We produce trustworthy content that features unbiased reporting.

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Best of Sky News

For breaking news @SkyNewsBreak. Watch live on Sky 501, Virgin Media HD 602, Freeview 233 and YouTube. Download our app:

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Best of Sky News Tech

Everything in the world of science and tech from @SkyNews. For more breaking news follow @SkyNewsBreak

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Best of Foreign Policy

The magazine for global politics, economics, and ideas 🌎 || Sign up for our newsletters:

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Best of Inside Climate News

Pulitzer Prize-winning, nonprofit, non-partisan newsroom dedicated to covering climate, energy and the environment. Our newsletter:

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Best of Salon

The original online source for news, politics and entertainment | Find us on Instagram & TikTok: salonofficial | Subscribe to our newsletters linked in bio.

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Best of The Cut

Style. Self. Culture. Power. Subscribe to the Cut newsletter: Subscribe to New York for more:

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Best of Nielsen Norman Group

User advocates offering evidence-based user experience (UX) research, training, consulting. Jakob Nielsen, Don Norman, Tog, and colleagues.

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Best of The Walrus

We've moved the conversation on Twitter to @thewalrus

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Best of Smithsonian Magazine

Official Twitter feed for Smithsonian magazine. @ replies may be reprinted in the magazine. Legal:

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Best of Curbed

A site for city people, from @nymag. Sign up for the Curbed daily newsletter:

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Best of dwell

Design that improves where we live.

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Best of Architizer

Architizer is the home of architectural inspiration.

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Best of Scientific American

Awesome discoveries. Expert insights. Science that shapes the world.

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Best of PetaPixel

The leading independent publication covering photography at the nexus of technology and art.

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Best of CNBC

First in business worldwide.

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The official Twitter page of ESSENCE. 100% Black Owned. Follow @ESSENCEFest now.

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Best of Air Mail

A digital weekly from Graydon Carter. Arriving every Saturday morning, it's news and culture at a civilized pace. Start reading now via the link below.

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Best of Mashable

Mashable is for superfans. We're not for the casually curious. Obsess with us.

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Best of How-To Geek

We explain technology. Learn #howtogeek with articles, tips, and the best answers to your most asked tech questions.

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Best of CNN

It’s our job to #GoThere & tell the most difficult stories. For breaking news, follow @CNNBRK and download our app

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Best of BGR

Your guide to the most interesting stories in tech, entertainment, science, and more.

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Best of Mint

You only progress when you #AskBetterQuestions Download app

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Best of Entrepreneur

Inspiring, informing and celebrating entrepreneurs.

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Best of Stylist Magazine

For women who want more from their world. Head to to subscribe to our monthly print magazine ✨

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Best of HuffPost

At HuffPost, we put people first. We believe that real life is news, and news is personal.

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Best of British GQ

New luxury. Subscribe:

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Best of ZDNET

Tomorrow belongs to those who embrace it today.

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Best of Financial Times

The best of FT journalism, including breaking news and analysis. Follow @ftopinion @ftweekend and @ftworldnews for more from the Financial Times

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Best of BBC News (World)

News, features and analysis from the World's newsroom. Breaking news, follow @BBCBreaking. UK news, @BBCNews. Latest sports news @BBCSport

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Best of Android Police

We cover Android news, apps and games, phones and tablets. Sometimes we rant. Got a hot tip?

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Best of Guardian Tech

News and comment from the @Guardian's technology team

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Best of Popular Science

Awe-inspiring science, tech, DIY, and sustainability. Read all about it:

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Best of Variety

The business of entertainment.

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Best of Travel + Leisure

Inspiration to kick your wanderlust into gear.

Greater Good profile image

Best of Greater Good

Your source for the Science of a Meaningful Life | Based @UCBerkeley | Home of the #happinesspod | Click link for more

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Best of The Better India

World’s largest good news, positive stories, solutions based, impact media platform. Also at & @thebetterindia on Instagram

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Best of The Art Newspaper

For more premium art world coverage and 40% off digital subscriptions, use the code TWITTER23:

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Best of Neuroscience News

Official Neuroscience News Twitter. Brain research news articles on neuroscience, psychology, AI, neurology, brain cancer, robotics, mental health & science.

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Best of GQ India

Look sharp, think smart – join GQ India's community for the latest in men's lifestyle and fashion

GQ Magazine profile image

Best of GQ Magazine

Big fits start here. @GQStyle @GQSports @GQRecommends

Inverse profile image

Best of Inverse

Inverse is for the superfan in all of us. We take you deeper in the worlds of entertainment, gaming, tech, and science — and all the fantastic ways they collide

A Cup of Jo profile image

Best of A Cup of Jo

Cup of Jo is a daily women's lifestyle site founded by Joanna Goddard that covers style, food, design, culture, travel, relationships, and parenting.

Hazlitt profile image

Best of Hazlitt

Essays, Literature, Opinions, & More. Read with us.

Sportico profile image

Best of Sportico

Sportico is a high quality digital content company providing sports industry breaking news, data, information, strategies, leadership and insight.

SB Nation profile image

Best of SB Nation

the S stands for sports and the B stands for blogs

AfroTech profile image

Best of AfroTech

Come For The Connections. Stay For The Community.

My Modern Met profile image

Best of My Modern Met

My Modern Met is the big city that celebrates creative ideas. on Mastodon

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Best of GamesIndustry

The world's leading games industry website. Got something to tell us? Email

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Best of Digital Trends

Tech for the way we live. | TikTok & Instagram: @DigitalTrends

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Best of The Week

All you need to know about everything that matters.

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Best of Semafor

Building a new global news company. Sign up for our newsletters:

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Best of Guardian Books

News, reviews and author interviews plus tweets from the @Guardian and Observer books team. Support the Guardian today:

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Best of Ahrefs

We make awesome SEO tools, powered by seriously big data. Sign up for our free weekly newsletter: 🌟

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Best of Foundation 🎧

We plan, create & distribute content that shapes culture.

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Best of CNET

Your guide to a better future.

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Best of InStyle

Everybody's in.

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Best of AFAR Media

Travel as a force for good, in print and online. 🌏

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Best of BBC Future

Making you smarter, every day.

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Best of The New Statesman

Politics, geopolitics, economics, books, culture, ideas, science, history, tech, data... 🩺 Mark 75 years of the NHS:

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Best of Poynter

We're a school for journalism and democracy. Contact: / 727-821-9494

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Politics. Policy. Power. Congress nerds 👉 @politicongress Longreads and opinions 👉 @politicomag Got a news tip? 👉

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Best of Esquire

Style, Storytelling, Culture, Attitude. Est. 1933.

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Best of SparkToro

We're an audience research tool that helps you discover people's sources of influence: who+what they follow, visit, read, watch, & listen-to.

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Best of The Register

Enterprise tech news and views – Biting the hand that feeds IT – Part of @SitPub – Tip us off:

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Best of SaaStr

#BlackLivesMatter. World’s 🌍 largest community for B2B founders, execs & VCs. ➡️ Learn to scale faster at ▶️

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Best of The Associated Press

Advancing the power of facts, globally 🌎

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Best of PCMag

For 40 years, your independent guide to technology with expert reviews, advice, news, and video

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Best of The Globe and Mail

Canada's national news organization. Customer care: @GlobeHelp. Share info with us anonymously:

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Best of Live Science

Science news covering top stories of the day in health, environment, animals, technology and space. Part of @FuturePLC

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Best of Yahoo Finance

The world’s biggest business news platform: Get the free Yahoo Finance app & subscribe to our morning newsletter, the Morning Brief ⬇️

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Best of NPR's Planet Money

The economy explained. Subscribe to our two podcasts: Planet Money and our short, daily show, @TheIndicator.

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Best of Behavioral Scientist

Original, thought-provoking reports from the front lines of behavioral science. Learn more:

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Best of Guardian Australia

Latest news from Guardian Australia 📨 Newsletters: 📰 Contribute: 👩‍💻 Live blog:

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Best of a16z

we invest in software eating the world Check out our AI Canon:

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Best of The Paris Review

Quarterly literary magazine founded in 1953.

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Best of New York Magazine

The ideas, people, and cultural currents that are forever reshaping the world. Subscribe: Get the One Great Story newsletter:

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Best of 99 Percent Invisible

A radio show about design with host @romanmars + @kurtkohlstedt, @daphall, @vivianhle, @action__johnson & more! NYT Best Seller: The 99pi City (

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Best of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a world leader in research and education. Related accounts: @MITevents @MITstudents @MIT_alumni

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Best of The Nation

Founded by abolitionists in 1865. Committed to progressive journalism. Subscribe:

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Best of Los Angeles Review of Books

A multimedia literary and cultural arts magazine with an enduring commitment to the written word.

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Best of World Economic Forum

The international organization for public private cooperation.

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Best of Climbing Mag

America's leading climbing magazine.

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Best of Slack

On a mission to make your working life simpler, more pleasant and more productive. Need help? Send us a tweet! For updates on status, follow @SlackStatus.

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Best of National Geographic

Since its inception nearly 130 years ago, the core purpose of National Geographic has been to further the knowledge and awareness of our world.

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Best of PC Gamer

The global authority on PC games.

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Best of Grub Street

The latest food news and the most authoritative restaurant criticism, covering New York and beyond. Sign up for #TheYearIAteNewYork:

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Serving Hollywood obsessives, savvy politicos, and style aficionados.

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Best of Foreign Affairs

A magazine of U.S. foreign policy and international affairs, founded in 1922. Sign up for our newsletters:

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Best of Inc.

Everything you need to know to start and grow your business now. Sign up for our daily newsletters:

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Best of Kiplinger

Personal Finance Advice, Analysis and Business Forecasts. Part of the @Futureplc publishing group. Join us at:

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Best of ProPublica

Pursuing stories with moral force Send us things: Newsletter: Masto: TikTok:

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Best of Project Syndicate

The World’s Opinion Page, featuring exclusive commentaries by scholars, policymakers, practitioners, and civic activists.

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Best of Road to VR

World’s leading independent news publication dedicated to the consumer VR industry. Founded 2011. Follow Executive Editor @benz145 and Editor @vrbosenet

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Best of Undark Magazine

Non-profit & editorially independent. Exploring science as a frequently wondrous, sometimes contentious, and occasionally troubling byproduct of human culture.

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Best of The Architect's Newspaper

The Architect's Newspaper is the most authoritative voice on architecture, urbanism, and design in the United States. Header: MAACM in St. Petersburg, Florida

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Best of Timothy McSweeney

The official twitter feed of McSweeney's Quarterly Concern, McSweeney's Internet Tendency, & McSweeney's Books. Publisher of @illustoria and @believermag.

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Best of Hindustan Times

One of India's largest media companies. Latest news from around the world. Follow us on Reddit…

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Best of BBC Breaking News

Breaking news alerts and updates from the BBC. For news, features, analysis follow @BBCWorld (international) or @BBCNews (UK). Latest sport news @BBCSport.

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Best of BBC

The BBC is the world’s leading public service broadcaster

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Everything you love, all in one place.

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Best of POPSUGAR Beauty

POPSUGAR Beauty is the ultimate guide to all things beauty: skin care, makeup, and hair. For all things shopping, follow → @POPSUGARMH

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Best of Magnum Photos

Founded in 1947, Magnum Photos is a collective of photographers committed to documenting world events, people, places, daily life and culture.

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Best of Eurogamer

Bad puns and video games since 1999. Facebook: Staff: Support what we do:

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Best of Rock Paper Shotgun

We write about PC games, and things to do with PC games, at

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Best of Decrypt

Demystifying the decentralized web. Decrypt en español: @Decrypt_ES Decrypt en français: @Decrypt_FR Gaming Hub: @ggDecrypt

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Best of euronews

All Views | We tweet in 12 languages. Choose yours: | You can DM us to contact the newsroom Telegram:

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Best of Carbon Brief

Award-winning journalism focused on #climatechange, science, energy and policy. Subscribe to our free newsletters:

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Best of ABC News

Latest news updates (mostly automated) from the Australian Broadcasting Corp. This is an official @abcaustralia account.

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Best of The Atavist Magazine

One incredible true story every month. Part of the @automattic family, and sister publication to @longreads.

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Best of The Economist

News and analysis with a global perspective. We’re here to help you understand the world around you. Subscribe here:

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Best of Ed Batista

Executive Coach. Dog Walker. Created The Art of Self-Coaching @StanfordGSB. Take it for free here:

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Best of TheGamer

Committed to bringing you breaking gaming news and fresh ways to see your favorite video games.

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Best of Codrops

Keeping web devs & designers inspired and up-to-date since 2009. Subscribe to our frontend newsletter #frontend #coding #css #js #webdesign

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Best of Richard Rutter

Cofounder of @clearleft. Designer of digital things. Author of @WebTypography book. Please patronise responsibly. Also at

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Best of Adorama #CreateNoMatterWhat

We believe everyone is a creator. Our mission is to inspire, educate and equip to make your dreams a reality.

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Best of Discover Magazine

The official Twitter for Discover Magazine. Science that matters, for readers that matter. 🔬🧪⚗️🧫🧬🧲🧮🥼📐🌳🌍🪨⛅💧🦠

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Best of Fatherly

Empowering men to raise great kids and lead more fulfilling adult lives.

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Best of Serious Eats

Good cooks know how. Great cooks know why.

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Best of The Drum

The Drum covers modern marketing, agency business, creativity & the future of media. Marketing’s changing. Don’t miss a beat.

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Best of 9to5Mac

We break Apple news 🕘

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Best of POLITICOEurope

Politics. Policy. Power. Follow the team: Download our app: Find us on Telegram:

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Best of Knowable Magazine

Sound science, smart stories. Published by @AnnualReviews, seed funding @MooreFound/@SloanPublic. Léanos en español @RevistaKnowable.

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Best of Asbury Park Press

The Asbury Park Press and cover Monmouth and Ocean counties at the Jersey Shore.

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Best of The Hill

The Hill is the premier source for policy and political news. Follow for tweets on what's happening in Washington, breaking news and retweets of our reporters.

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Best of Reader's Digest

Tweeter's Digest: A trusted friend in a complicated world. @RD_Permissions

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Best of SlashGear

SlashGear is dedicated to highlighting the latest and greatest in technology and automotive.

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Best of TODAY

Your day starts here. ☀️

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Best of Science Magazine

The world's leading outlet for cutting-edge research in all areas of science. Follow @NewsfromScience for stories from our news team.

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Best of David Walsh

Senior Software Engineer. MooTools Alumni, Javascript Fanatic, and open source lover. Former @Mozilla, @SitePen

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Best of Department of Defense 🇺🇸

Official U.S. Department of Defense Twitter account. Follow @SecDef for more from Secretary Lloyd J. Austin III.…

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Best of The Independent

News, comment and features from The Independent. Get the app:… Partnered with Refuge and the National Domestic Abuse Helpline

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Best of High Country News

An independent magazine dedicated to shining a light on all the complexities of the Western U.S. Know the West. #nonprofit

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Best of The Hollywood Reporter

The Hollywood Reporter is the premier destination & most widely trusted resource for entertainment news, reviews, videos & more.

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Best of CJR

Monitoring the press, tracking the evolving media business & encouraging excellence in journalism since 1961.

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Best of Pitchfork

The most trusted voice in music 〰️

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Best of Smashing Magazine 🇺🇦 🏳️‍🌈

An online magazine for designers and web developers. Questions? We've got your back: @SmashingSupport, @SmashingConf. Curated by Iris, Vitaly and the team.

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Best of Marc Edwards

Founder and designer at @bjango. Currently building @skala. I also write music. He/him.

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Best of IndieWire

The definitive outlet for film and TV news, reviews, and industry analysis.

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Best of Brad Frost

Design system consultant, web designer, speaker, writer, musician, & artist. Author of Atomic Design. Mastadon:

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Best of The Smart Set

THE SMART SET is an online literary magazine specializing in nonfiction sponsored by Pennoni Honors College at Drexel University.

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Best of Stratechery

Free Articles from For Daily Updates, follow @StratecheryMO. For the author, follow @benthompson.

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Best of Newsweek

In-depth analysis, news and opinion about international issues, technology, business, culture and politics.

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Best of The New Atlantis

A magazine defending science and technology for, not on, human beings. About: Subscribe:

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Best of The Motley Fool

Making the world smarter, happier, and richer through free and premium investing guidance.

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Best of TheStreet

We want to help you make money, lots of it!

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Best of Vogue Magazine

The official Twitter of Vogue

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Best of Maddyness

LE media de référence pour les #entrepreneurs passionnés 🔥 🔎 #innovation #finance #business #actualités @bymaddyness c'est aussi la @MaddyKeynote 👀

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Best of UX Magazine

Defining and informing the complex field of user experience (UX) through frequent publication of high-quality articles for experts and newcomers alike.

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Best of Five Books

Five Books is a library of knowledge, curating book recommendations on any topic. Experts recommend the five best books in their subject.

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Best of STAT

Reporting from the frontiers of health & medicine. Sign up for any of our 10 free newsletters here: profile image

Best of

We're a community of millions of people who are building new skills and getting new jobs together. A 501(c)(3) public charity. Tweets by @abbeyrenn.

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Best of The Markup

Challenging technology to serve the public good. Send tips: Subscribe: Support: Mastodon:

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Best of Print magazine


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Best of Ivaylo Durmonski

Create more meaningful stuff. #create

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Best of Tom's Guide

Think of us as your geeky friend who's always on call. From smartphones to cord-cutting to video games, we've got your tech needs covered. Part of @FuturePLC

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Best of Adweek

All the news, insights and inspiration you need to know in advertising, marketing and media.

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Best of Complex

Making Culture Pop.

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Best of British Vogue

The official British Vogue Twitter page. Download the latest issue, or subscribe, here:

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Best of Allure

The Beauty Expert 💄 #AllureBestofBeauty

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Best of Photofocus

The official Twitter account for the site. Get free news, reviews, tips and tricks pertaining to photography.

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Best of Dazed

Where pop culture meets the underground • profile image

Best of

The photographer's community with daily news, behind-the-scenes videos, gear reviews and more.

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Best of Hermit Crab

Tiny hermit crab.

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Best of Electric Literature

Reading into everything.

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Best of Freakonomics

Follow the Freakonomics Radio podcast for weekly episodes that explore the hidden side of everything — with host Stephen J. Dubner.

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Best of GameSpot

Official @GameSpot💥 account. Follow for video game & entertainment news, & livestreams! For deals on games, consoles, hardware, and more follow @GameSpotDeals.

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Best of Runner's World

Training tips, news, and motivation from the editors of Runner's World. Sign up for our newsletter:

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Best of City Journal

Incisive commentary on urban policy, politics, and culture. Published by @ManhattanInst and edited by @BrianACity.

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Best of The Drift

A new magazine of culture and politics Pitch us at:

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Best of Freethink

No politics, no gossip, no cynics. It's the news, reimagined.

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Best of Tomas Pueyo

Understand deeply how the world works today to navigate the world of tomorrow. Over 400M+ reads. Join 65k ppl in my free newsletter:

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Best of The Pudding

The Pudding is a digital publication that explains ideas debated in culture with visual essays. Email: Support:

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Best of Yale University

The official account of Yale University.

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Best of Prevention Magazine

Giving you science-based health info since 1950.

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Best of reason

Reason is the monthly magazine and website of “free minds and free markets” published by @ReasonFdn.

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Best of Bored Panda

The only magazine for pandas.

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Best of Architectural Digest

The International Design Authority.

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Best of Logic(s)

A Black x Asian x queer magazine about technology and society. Upcoming issue: supa dupa skies.

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Best of Mother Jones

Smart, fearless journalism. Reader-supported since 1976. Thank you for making our work possible!

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Best of TooFab

Pop culture news you need to know! Follow us on Instagram & TikTok: @toofabnews

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Best of Den of Geek News!

A global pop culture powerhouse. Den of Geek is the top news source for TV, movies, games, books, comics & more. 📧 🎮

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A digital magazine about everything human through anthropological discoveries, thinking, and ideas: Subscribe to our newsletter:

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Best of Orion Magazine

"America's Finest Environmental Magazine:" 100% ad-free, reader-supported publication at the convergence of nature, culture, and justice since 1982

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Best of Kotaku

The Gamer's Guide

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Best of CBC

The official CBC Twitter. Bringing you the best of Canada 🎨🏅📺🇨🇦📱📚🎶

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Best of Towards Data Science

A Medium publication sharing concepts, ideas, and codes. Share your insights and projects with our global audience:

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Best of Content Marketing Institute

We share how-to content marketing insights and guidance. Join us September 26-28, 2023 in Washington, D.C. for #CMWorld. PS, we really like the color orange.

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Best of Search Engine Land

News & analysis on #SEO #PPC #Google #Bing & more. Sister to @martechismktg @smx @martechconf. Stay in the loop:

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Best of Everyday Health

Our mission is to inspire and enable wellness each and every day.

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Best of Money

Make the most of it 💰 Sign up for our newsletters 👉🏽

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Best of Mental Floss

Home for all things curious, including surprising facts; answers to life's big questions; and untold stories from history, science, pop culture, and beyond.

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Best of Punch

Drinks, always full.

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Best of ScienceAlert

🔭⚗🌏🐛🚀🌌🌿✨ Official Twitter for

The New Inquiry profile image

Best of The New Inquiry

We’re a non-profit publication of literary criticism.

Neue Zürcher Zeitung profile image

Best of Neue Zürcher Zeitung

Hier twittert die @NZZ Schnelles und Hintergründiges. Die Welt in deinem Feed. 👉 Für Support: @NZZ_Service.

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Best of Pew Research Center

Nonpartisan, non-advocacy data and analysis. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn or subscribe to our newsletters: ✉️

Pew Research Internet profile image

Best of Pew Research Internet

Nonpartisan, non-advocacy @pewresearch data about technology and the internet

Ubisoft profile image

Best of Ubisoft

❤ 🎮 | 👉 @UbisoftSupport

London Review of Books profile image

Best of London Review of Books

Europe’s leading magazine of culture and ideas, published every fortnight.

Harvard Business School profile image

Best of Harvard Business School

Educating leaders who make a difference in the world. This is the official HBS account.

Will Larson profile image

Best of Will Larson

CTO at @cartainc. Author of Staff Engineer and An Elegant Puzzle. Currently writing The Engineer Executive's Primer w/O'Reilly.

Well+Good profile image

Best of Well+Good

Decoding & demystifying what it means to live a well life inside and out. Well+Good is your trusted advisor for navigating the ever-expanding world of wellness.

Men's Health Mag profile image

Best of Men's Health Mag

Men's Health magazine is your ultimate guide to fitness, health, weight loss, nutrition, sex, style and guy wisdom.

Institute of Art and Ideas profile image

Best of Institute of Art and Ideas

Bringing you the ideas that matter. Subscribe here: Hosts the philosophy and music @HTLGIFestival:

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Best of The Point Magazine

A magazine founded on the suspicion that modern life is worth examining. Join our newsletter: Subscribe:

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Best of Philosophy Break

💡 Unlocking the wisdom of philosophy 📩 Get one mind-opening idea distilled to your inbox every Sunday (free):

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Best of Hustle_says

Join the 1m+ people who read The Hustle

OpenAI profile image

Best of OpenAI

OpenAI’s mission is to ensure that artificial general intelligence benefits all of humanity. We’re hiring:

Every profile image

Best of Every

We publish smart, thoughtful essays on business, AI, and personal development. Sponsorships:

Tom's Hardware profile image

Best of Tom's Hardware

Over two decades of articles, benchmarks, and community for PC enthusiasts worldwide. Part of @FuturePLC

Hidden Brain profile image

Best of Hidden Brain

Exploring the unconscious patterns that drive human behavior | Team: Host and Executive Editor Shankar Vedantam & Executive Producer @taranoelleboyle

New York Post profile image

Best of New York Post

Breaking news & features from The New York Post. Follow your favorite sections: @pagesix, @nypmetro, @nypostbiz, @nypostsports, @nypfashion, @nypostopinion

The New York Review of Books profile image

Best of The New York Review of Books

‘The premier literary-intellectual magazine in the English language.’

hyperallergic profile image

Best of hyperallergic

Sensitive to Art and Its Discontents. For the latest art news, reviews, and commentary from Hyperallergic, visit ↓

Book Riot profile image

Best of Book Riot

The largest independent literary site in North America, bringing you news, bookish commentary, and recs for readers of all stripes.

Prospect profile image

Best of Prospect

A politically independent monthly current affairs, culture & ideas magazine Established 1995 Editor: Alan Rusbridger @arusbridger;

The Points Guy profile image

Best of The Points Guy

Expert points, miles, aviation and travel intel. You're about to be the smartest traveler you know. 📧

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Best of Wallpaper*

The global authority on design. Subscribe to Wallpaper* Magazine today:

Dezeen profile image

Best of Dezeen

The world's most popular and influential architecture, interiors and design magazine. Sign up to our new Dezeen In Depth newsletter today!👇

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Best of ArtReview_

The independent critical voice in contemporary art since 1949. Sign up to our newsletter:

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Best of Sony | Alpha

Providing you with the top tips + news + inspiration for photography and videography 📷 #SonyAlpha (Visit @SonySupportUSA for customer support) profile image

Best of

The premier source of space exploration, innovation, and astronomy news. Part of @futureplc

The Athletic profile image

Best of The Athletic

Get every sports story that matters.

Parents Magazine profile image

Best of Parents Magazine

This is twitter handle for Parents Magazine Blog.

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Best of SearchEngineJournal®

Follow us for the latest #SEO, #PPC, #socialmedia, & #content news, expert tips, insights, and ideas. Get our newsletter:

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Best of Vulture

Devouring culture. Get Vulture's daily newsletter:

NIH profile image

Best of NIH

Official Twitter account of the National Institutes of Health. NIH...Turning Discovery Into Health®.   Privacy Policy: Engagement ≠ endorsement

National Library of Medicine profile image

Best of National Library of Medicine

Official account of the National Library of Medicine at @NIH. Serving scientists & society. More: @MedlinePlus, @NCBI, & @NLMdirector. Privacy:

The Economist’s 1843 magazine profile image

Best of The Economist’s 1843 magazine

Long reads and life, brought to you by @TheEconomist. Follow us and

The Japan Times profile image

Best of The Japan Times

Breaking news and features about Japan from the nation's most widely read English-language newspaper. 日本で最も読まれている英文ニュース。 More:

Bookforum Magazine profile image

Best of Bookforum Magazine

All about books since 1994. Subscribe to our print magazine today.

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Best of South China Morning Post

The South China Morning Post brings you news and analysis about Hong Kong, China and the rest of Asia. Get our app:

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Best of Mic King

#ZoraAndGlorysDad. Founder of @iPullRankAgency && CMO of @AIPRMCorp. Consultant to F500. Marketing Technologist (AI focused). Keynote Speaker. Rapper. GOAT.

Penguin Books USA profile image

Best of Penguin Books USA

Penguin Books USA is the U.S. affiliate of the internationally renowned Penguin Group.

Thrillist profile image

Best of Thrillist

Let’s make every day memorable. Find us on Instagram: @Thrillist Follow us on TikTok: @Thrillist Subscribe to our daily newsletter:

Cosmos - the Science of Everything profile image

Best of Cosmos - the Science of Everything

We aim to inspire curiosity in ‘The Science of Everything’ and make the world of science accessible to everyone.

The Times Of India profile image

Best of The Times Of India

News. Views. Analysis. Conversations. India’s No.1 digital news destination, world’s largest-selling English newspaper - A Times Internet Limited Product

MSNBC profile image

Best of MSNBC

The place for in-depth analysis, political commentary and diverse perspectives. Home of @MSNBCDaily.

Mark Manson profile image

Best of Mark Manson

3x #1 NYTimes bestselling author of "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck" and others. Giving life advice that doesn't suck since 2008.

Eric Barker profile image

Best of Eric Barker

My new book "Plays Well With Others" is available now:

Moz profile image

Best of Moz

The most trusted authority in online search with a powerful #SEO toolset proven to improve your brand's position. Whether big or small, we have the solution.

IGN profile image

Best of IGN

We're all about video games, movies, TV, and comics!

Yves Smith profile image

Best of Yves Smith

Fearless commentary on finance, economics, politics and power

Sebastian Raschka profile image

Best of Sebastian Raschka

Machine learning & AI researcher since before AI became mainstream • sharing AI research & open source stuff • @LightningAI • Ex stats professor at UW-Madison.

Google Design profile image

Best of Google Design

Supporting the future of design and technology

War on the Rocks profile image

Best of War on the Rocks

Experience. Conflict. Commentary. Join our community:

i newspaper profile image

Best of i newspaper

Your essential daily briefing. Follow us @ipaperviews🗣️ @ipapersport🏉 @ipapermoney📈 @iPaperTravel✈️ Sign up for exclusive journalism 📨

Glamour profile image

Best of Glamour

Redefining fulfillment for women. Get the latest beauty, fashion + culture news from #Glamour

alison roman profile image

Best of alison roman

Author of NYT best seller Nothing Fancy + Dining In / Home Movies on YouTube / A Newsletter on Substack / SWEET ENOUGH out 3/28/23 🍰🌷

New York Times Books profile image

Best of New York Times Books

All things books from The New York Times. You like reading, we do too.

A List Apart profile image

Best of A List Apart

Since 1998, the design magazine for people who make websites.

CoinDesk profile image

Best of CoinDesk

Leading the conversation on the future of money. Follow @CoinDeskMarkets @CoinDeskPodcast @CoinDeskES @CoinDeskChinese @Consensus2024 @CoinDeskStudios

Reuters profile image

Best of Reuters

Top and breaking news, pictures and videos from Reuters. For more breaking business news, follow @ReutersBiz. Our new daily podcast is here:

WIRED UK profile image

Best of WIRED UK

The future as it happens. Subscribe today: profile image

Best of

The internet’s definitive fact-checking resource.

Quartz profile image

Best of Quartz

Global news and insights for a new generation of business leaders. Sign up for Quartz Daily Brief 👉

Chris Bailey profile image

Best of Chris Bailey

Author with @PenguinRandom (books linked below)! I write about the science of living a deeper, more intentional life. Very curious & very lazy. @ChrisBaileyBlog

OM profile image

Best of OM

Partner Emeritus @TrueVentures. Founder of GigaOM. I write about technology! ✍🏼+ 📸 + 🌐 = (Sign-up for my free newsletter )

Laughing Squid profile image

Best of Laughing Squid

art, culture & technology

Upworthy profile image

Best of Upworthy

Delivering you the best of humanity every day.

Dissent Magazine profile image

Best of Dissent Magazine

Democratic socialist since 1954.

Pew Research Religion profile image

Best of Pew Research Religion

Nonpartisan, non-advocacy @pewresearch data on issues at the intersection of religion and public life in the U.S. and around the world

The Atlantic Photo profile image

Best of The Atlantic Photo

Photo coverage from @TheAtlantic | photo [at] theatlantic [dot] com

ThePrintIndia profile image

Best of ThePrintIndia

Substance of Print, Reach of Digital

Longreads profile image

Best of Longreads

Sharing and publishing the best longform stories since 2009. An @automattic publication and the sister site of @Atavist.

The Baffler profile image

Best of The Baffler

Political and cultural criticism, satire, and salvos. Since 1988. Online and in print.

Indie Hackers profile image

Best of Indie Hackers

Get inspired! Stories, business ideas, strategies, and revenue numbers from the founders of profitable online businesses ⚡ by @csallen and @channingallen

CXL profile image

Best of CXL

The world's favorite place to learn data-driven marketing, conversion optimization and analytics. #digitalmarketing #growth #brand

EL PAÍS profile image

Best of EL PAÍS

La mejor información en español. Con nuestra mirada puesta en España, Europa y América. Suscríbete:

Guardian TV profile image

Best of Guardian TV

The latest TV news and reviews from the @guardian

Lawrence Yeo profile image

Best of Lawrence Yeo

Writer. Illustrator. Storyteller.

NASA profile image

Best of NASA

There's space for everybody. ✨ Verification:

Seeking Alpha profile image

Best of Seeking Alpha

Official account | Market insight, analysis, and investment ideas | The world's leading community of equity investors profile image

Best of

📈 Real-time global financial market data, news, analysis, charts, tools & more • In 30 languages via our app or website • FREE, for everyone, anywhere! 🌎

Interesting Engineering profile image

Best of Interesting Engineering

Interesting Engineering is a cutting edge, leading community designed for all lovers of #engineering, #technology and #science

Bernard Marr profile image

Best of Bernard Marr

📖 Internationally Best-selling #Author 🎤 #KeynoteSpeaker 🤖 #Futurist 💻 #Business, #Tech & #Data Advisor #AI #AR #VR #BigData #Robotics #MachineLearning

SE Roundtable profile image

Best of SE Roundtable

The Pulse of the Search Marketing Community

Houston Chronicle profile image

Best of Houston Chronicle

Documenting life in #Houston, Texas and beyond.

Sprout Social profile image

Best of Sprout Social

Enabling brands to deliver smarter, faster business impact from social. Start today:

copyblogger profile image

Best of copyblogger

Words that work for smarter digital marketing and sales.

HackerNoon | Learn Any Technology profile image

Best of HackerNoon | Learn Any Technology

how hackers start their afternoons. where 25k+ tech pros publish stories & expertise for 4M+ monthly readers. have a dope story? 👉

Platformer profile image

Best of Platformer

Big tech and democracy, from @CaseyNewton and @ZoeSchiffer.

TED Talks profile image

Best of TED Talks

TED is a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas. 🔴 Become a TED Member to help support our mission today:

Stack Overflow profile image

Best of Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow empowers the world to develop technology through collective knowledge. profile image

Best of

Science news, Technology news. Physics, Space, Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Math, Electronics, Nanotechnology, Materials, Computers, Health, Earth Science.

The Public Domain Review profile image

Best of The Public Domain Review

Online journal exploring works from the history of art, literature, and ideas. Featuring 300+ essays — ✍️ submissions welcome.

VisualStudioMagazine profile image

Best of VisualStudioMagazine

Official Twitter account for Visual Studio Magazine. Offering enterprise solutions for .NET development.

SAVEUR profile image

Best of SAVEUR

Food, travel, and adventure. #eattheworld

Dave Kellogg profile image

Best of Dave Kellogg

EIR at Balderton Capital, principal at Dave Kellogg Consulting, and author of Kellblog. See FAQ for disclaimers. RT != endorsement.

Institutional Investor profile image

Best of Institutional Investor

Daily institutional investing news. Writing the inside story on all things asset management for fifty years and counting.

Contagious profile image

Best of Contagious

Creative and strategic intelligence for brands and agencies.

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Best of Women's Running

Women's Running is the world's most popular resource for women who run. We cover all aspects of the running lifestyle.

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Best of Crunchbase News

Data-driven reporting on private markets, startups, founders, and investors. Send tips to:

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Best of Reuters Institute

Exploring the future of journalism. 🇪🇸 en @risj_espanol. Newsletter:

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Best of The New Stack

All about at-scale app development & management. Tech news, analysis, research, podcasts & more! Insight Partners is an investor in The New Stack.

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Best of The Bulwark

Political analysis and reporting free of tribal prejudices. Sign up for our newsletters here

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Best of ProductLed

Become great at Product-Led Growth. Follow us for the latest tips on how to build a successful product-led business.

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Best of ARTnews

Founded in 1902, ARTnews is the most trusted source for news in the art world.

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Best of Harper’s BAZAAR

The official Twitter feed of Harper’s BAZAAR

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Best of The American Scholar

A quarterly journal of literature, science, and culture published by @PhiBetaKappa for a general readership since 1932.

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Best of Hakai Magazine

An award-winning online magazine connecting you with stories about science and societies from coasts around the world. 🌊 (“HACK-eye")

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Best of Asana

On a mission to enable the world's teams to work together effortlessly 🌏 For support, visit

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Best of Stanford University

One of the world's leading research and teaching institutions. Official account of Stanford University.

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Best of Stanford HAI

The official account of the @Stanford Institute for Human-Centered AI, advancing AI research, education, policy, and practice to improve the human condition.

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Best of ArchDaily

The best #architecture in the world – for architects, by architects. More: @ArchDaily_ES, @ArchDailyBR, @ArchDailyMX

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Best of shonda rhimes

"What will you do instead?" "WHATEVER I WANT." | TED Talk: | @byshondaland @shondaland | Check out

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Best of Forrester

Forrester helps business and technology leaders use customer obsession to accelerate growth. With us, you can be bold at work.

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Best of John Danaher

Academic and blogger. I like to imagine, navigate and analyse the future of humanity. Tweets about philosophy, ethics, technology and law (mainly)

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Best of Consumer Reports

We’re an independent, nonprofit organization that works side by side with consumers to create a fair and just marketplace. Become a member ⬇️

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Best of Boston Review

A political and literary forum, independent and nonprofit since 1975. NEWSLETTER: MEMBERSHIP:

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Best of Chemistry World

Chemistry magazine bringing you the latest chemistry news and research every day. Published by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

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Best of Gates Foundation

Our mission is to create a world where every person has the opportunity to live a healthy, productive life.

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Best of Coda Story

Journalism that digs deep into the roots of the global crises defining our age: disinformation, authoritarian technology, oligarchy and the war on science.

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Best of UnHerd

Challenging the herd with new and bold thinking in philosophy, politics and culture. profile image

Best of

Art and visual culture since 2010. Newsletters: Mastodon:

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Best of Growth.Design

🧠 Product tips in a comic book format. (by @DanBenoni & @LouisXavierL)

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Best of Frontera ♦️

Helping you become more successful in life with mental models and actionable ideas. Life-Changing Concepts Newsletter and free resources 👇

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Best of Texas Monthly

Texas news, politics, food, culture, travel, yee-haw, and more since 1973. 🤠

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Best of The Business of Fashion

Follow for breaking news and fashion business intelligence. Home of the #BoF500. Subscribe to our daily newsletter:

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Best of Eurozine

#Eurozine is an online #magazine and #European network linking up more than 90 #culturaljournals and associates in 35 countries.

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Best of Harvard University

Official account for Harvard University. Devoted to excellence in teaching, learning, and research, and to developing leaders who make a difference globally.

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Best of HubSpot

Get in your CRM era. The easy-to-use CRM to scale your business.

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Best of Adrian Roselli (no blue check) 🗯

One hoopy frood who really knows where his towel is. Not a bird lawyer. Tweets are auto-posted from, and sometimes they do not come over.

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Best of Guernica Magazine

17 years of global art & politics 📸 by Dafe Oboro

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Best of Core77

Some things you already knew about design. Plenty more you didn't.

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Best of Pentagram Design

A multi-disciplinary, independently owned design studio.

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Best of Media Voices

Weekly media podcast with news & interviews with leading media figures, by @chrismsutcliffe, @estherkeziat, @flipping_pages. Parent of @pubpodawards 🏆

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Best of Medical News Today

Evidence based health information and the latest news from the world of medical research. 🔬

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Best of Southern Living

Instant recipes, decorating ideas, gardening tips, and travel destinations for Southern life.

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Best of Martha Stewart Living

Endless inspiration from the editors of Martha Stewart Living.

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Best of Nick Loper

Chief Side-Hustler at Side Hustle Nation. Podcaster, skier, author, business nerd, blogger, Seattle sports fan, parrothead. Never stop learning.

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Best of Marie Claire

For women of power, purpose, and style.

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Best of Refinery29

We cover news, fashion, beauty, entertainment, wellness, and more. 📝

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Best of Refinery29 UK

Delivering daily news, fashion, beauty, entertainment, wellness, and more. 💌

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Best of Real Simple

Creative, practical & inspiring solutions to make life easier. Instagram: @Real_Simple

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Best of The Daily Beast

Independent. Intelligent. Influential. Send tips to Check out @beastobsessed, our new hub for pop-culture's moments, movies and shows!

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Best of EatingWell Magazine

Ingredients for the good life.

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Best of Business Insider India🇮🇳

Intelligence for India's next generation. Sign up for BI's weekly newsletter - Simply Put: Subscribe on Telegram:

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Best of ReadWrite

The latest #news, analysis, and conversation on the #InternetOfThings , #ai , #crypto, and more.

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Best of Reset Work

Reset Work is a media organization focused on best practices for managing yourself, your team, and your business in this moment and beyond.

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Best of Guardian music

Squashing music into 140 characters since 2008

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Best of Guardian Travel

The latest travel news, insider guides, emerging destinations, new hotels and travel trends from the @Guardian. Instagram: guardiantravelsnaps

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Best of Casey Winters

Was CPO @eventbrite when the world ended. Led growth @pinterest and @grubhub when it mattered. Advise @eventbrite @whatnot. Board @beek_io. Partner @reforge.

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Best of Venture Hacks

Startup advice from @nivi and @naval.

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Best of Leo Polovets

GP @SusaVentures🦍 (seed VC in Robinhood, Flexport, Stord, Mux, Andela + more). Prev: Caltech; 2nd eng @ LinkedIn; Google. Freethinker. #Bitcoin is freedom.

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Best of Business Standard

Latest news on the economy, companies, markets, politics and technology from India's leading business daily.

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Best of Datawrapper

Enrich your stories with charts, maps, and tables. Questions? Write us: | We're hiring: |

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Best of Women's Health

Wellness changes everything ⚡️ #WHstrong

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Best of BFI

We share the stories of yesterday, search for the stories of today & shape the stories of tomorrow: Film, TV & moving image. Funded by @GOVUK. #NationalLottery

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Best of GallupNews

The voice of 8 billion citizens.

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Best of Gallup

Analytics and advisory services on the front lines of transformation.

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Best of billboard

music • charts • news • more | @billboardcharts • @billboarddance • @billboardhiphop • @billboardlatin • @billboardpride • @billboardpro

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Best of PodLink

The podcast link-sharing platform from @podsights making it easy for listeners to subscribe in their favorite podcast app.

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Best of Domino

Fresh ideas to bring your style home.