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Refind helps you discover, save, and ultimately read more of what’s worth your attention. Refind is not about news—it’s about relevance. About that one piece that moves you forward.


More signal, less noise

Follow your favorite topic, sites, and people, and we’ll pick their most relevant new stories and put them into a beautiful magazine for you. So you don’t have to sift through all the noise.


Save links

Save links from around the web—with our browser extension on your computer, or our share extension on your phone. Create collections to organize your links.

Google search

Find again on Google

Search the web as you always do. You can optionally let Refind highlight your saved links when you search on Google.

A smarter reading list

Deferral fails in the information age because there’s always more information to read later—our reading lists pile up and read later becomes read never. Refind resurfaces the important stories so you’ll read more of what’s really worth your attention.

Pick your favorites

We scour the web to find the stories that matter to you.

What our users say

Dan ariely

“Refind helps me expand my horizon and spend more time on the things that matter.”

Dan Ariely, best-selling author

Chris messina

“Refind has become my Chrome New Tab.”

Chris Messina, inventor of the hashtag

Myke naef

“The best way to save, share, discover, and—most importantly—rediscover the web’s classics.”

Myke Naef, Founder Doodle

Sara usinger

“Just realised that I started using @refindcom as an alternative search engine. :)”

Sara Usinger, Avatech Accelerator

Nico luchsinger

“Once you've started to use Refind, you can’t imagine going back.”

Nico Luchsinger, Founder Sandbox

Thom nagy

“I’m consistently amazed by the quality of my feed. If you don’t use Refind yet: you’re missing out.”

Thom Nagy, Strategist Tageswoche

Luc haldimann

“Refind is very inspiring and incredibly handy in a world of infobesity.”

Luc Haldimann, Founder Unblu

Andreas brenner

“It took me less than an hour to make Refind my habit. It’s the very rare kind of tool that adds huge value and requires zero effort.”

Andreas Brenner, Founder Avrios

Severin hacker

“I love the weekly digest!”

Severin Hacker, Founder Duolingo

Toni schneider

“Refind has a great early community that helps me find interesting stories.”

Toni Schneider, Partner True Ventures

Liliane ferrari

“Refind makes it easy to keep and share the best links with my friends, students and clients. It’s amazing!”

Liliane Ferrari, professor at ESPM

Werner vogels

“My favorite discovery tool.”

Werner Vogels, Amazon CTO

Take Refind with you

Save links from your browser or any app, and discover what others save wherever you go.

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Why Refind

Refind helps you make the most of the web. Spend your time on what’s worth your attention.