Privacy is important

We only store a minimal amount of data and ask for minimal permissions to provide our service to you.

What data we store

We only store a minimal amount of data. Refind does not have access to your browser history or bookmarks. The data is stored in a Postgres database hosted on Heroku.

What permissions we ask for

We only ask for minimal permissions.


You sign up with your Twitter account. Refind only asks for read permission (thus it cannot post on your behalf). It fetches your profile (name, photo, etc.) and the people you follow on Twitter in order to fill your profile on Refind and to connect you with the same people on Refind.

Optionally, you can also import links from your Tweets.

Browser extensions

We have (optional) browser extensions for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox that offer you two features: 1. save links from around the web, 2. optionally integrate with Google.

If you have the (optional, default) setting Google Search turned on, the extension sends your query to Refind in order to highlight links you or your friends saved whenever you search on Google. Learn more

The extensions are disabled in Incognito/Private Mode.


Optionally you can connect Pocket to save the best links you’ve read on Pocket to Refind.

Refind only asks for read permission and your links from Pocket do not get imported automatically: you choose which links you want to import.