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Anne-Laure Le Cunff
founder @ness_labs • neuroscience studies @kingscollegelon • metacognition, tools for thought, networked thinking

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Better Thinking
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The human mind is a versatile but complex tool. To understand the underlying mechanisms behind our thoughts is essential for smart decision-making. This deep dive will take you on an intellectual journey exploring mental models, cognitive biases, and the nature of knowledge.

Anne-Laure Le Cunff is a metacognition and mindful productivity expert. After leaving Google and founding several companies, she started Ness Labs, a platform for knowledge workers to make the most of their mind. She studies neuroscience at King's College London. Her work has been featured in WIRED, Forbes, Rolling Stone, and more.

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  • The Map Is Not the Territory and 9 other articles and videos
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Glad to see you made it all the way through this Deep Dive. We hope you found it useful and can put some of the insights to good use in your own daily life.

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Deep Dives are carefully hand-curated series of time-tested articles and videos from around the web.

We’ll guide you through, one link per day, in the app or in your inbox.

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Congratulations on completing this Deep Dive! With strong mental models and an awareness of cognitive biases comes better thinking. Decision-making is akin to a muscle, make sure to use these new tools so they turn into thinking habits.

In order to keep on adding to your thinking toolbox, you may want to read «50 Great Myths of Popular Psychology», which debunks common misconceptions about the mind, or «The Brain», a very short book by Oxford University Press.

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Anne-Laure Le Cunff