The Newsletter as a Standalone Product

David Bauer
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Take a deep dive into The Newsletter as a Standalone Product with this hand-curated series of 9 time-tested articles from around the web. We’ll guide you through, one link per day, in the app or in your inbox.

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The Newsletter as a Standalone Product
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The newsletter, one of the oldest forms of reaching an audience over the internet, is staging an impressive comeback as a standalone product. News organisations are investing heavily in their newsletter portfolios, scores of journalists are going independent with their own newsletters and entire startups are built around newsletters. What's this all about and what does it take for you to be successful in the newsletter space?

David Bauer is a journalist and longtime newsletter writer. He works at Refind on product and content strategy.

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  • 50 lessons learned from writing 50 newsletters and 8 other articles
  • Average reading time: 12 minutes
  • Topics covered: newsletters, media, writing, innovation, articles
  • Read or listen to articles
  • From sites like Ness Labs, Digiday, The Atlantic, and more
  • You want to learn something new and are looking for a good, compact introduction.
  • You want to sharpen your skills on something you got into recently.
  • You want to catch up on a topic that has been in the news lately.
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To wrap up this Deep Dive: The best way to continuously learn is to observe how some of the best do it. A great list of newsletters to follow.

David Bauer

Thanks for following along, I hope this Deep Dive has been useful to you and has sparked some ideas for your future newslettering adventures. If you'd like to stay of top of things, there's currently nothing that tops Dan Oshinsky's monthy summary «Not a Newsletter» (You can sign up here to get notified whenever a new issue is available.)

Speaking of signing up: You're obviously more than welcome to try out my own newsletter Weekly Filet. I've been collecting gems from all over the internet since 2011 and you can have them in your inbox every Friday. I think you'll like it.

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