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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Refind?

Refind is a daily newsletter with 100k+ subscribers—smart people who are eager to learn, to improve, to move forward.

Every day Refind picks 5 links that make you smarter, tailored to your interests, curated from 10k+ sources.

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Who is it for?

Smart and curious minds. People who want to learn, to get inspired, to move forward. Knowledge workers. You!

Can I use Refind in a different language than English?

Yes! While the app is currently only available in English, you can tailor it to get links from other languages in your daily picks.

  • Choose your preferred language(s) in the settings
  • Follow sites you like
  • If a site is missing, you can suggest it. We’re continuously adding more publishers and writers.

If you’d like to go even further, here are some more things you can do:

We know we can do more for non-English speakers, and we will. Thanks for your patience!

I’m not happy with my daily picks – what can I do?

Sorry about that. Refind is committed to providing everyone with a vast array of diverse, trustworthy sources from all over the world. Refind’s algorithm picks different links for every user, and it learns about your interests and preferences the more you use our service. If the algorithm doesn’t learn fast enough, you can nudge it in two ways.

Specific feedback on any link
With every link Refind recommends to you, you can report back whether it was a good or a bad pick for you. Once you click «less like this», we present you with a set of options to further specify your feedback.

Customize your interests
On this page, you can change the topics you follow, adjust your interest in specific hashtags and follow specific sources or people you’d like to get more content from (or mute sources that are not relevant to you). This will considerably change what your daily picks look like.

Some links in my picks are a couple of days old, sometimes more than a week – why is that?

Refind is not about news. We focus on links with longer shelf lives. Since it's our goal to pick the x most relevant links for each of our users, we deliberately take more time (than a news aggregator, for example) in deciding which links are worth people's attention. Some links take a couple days, sometimes even more, until their relevance is firmly established. To be a bit more precise: Depending on the topic and type of content, we allow links to be up to 21 days old when they show up in your picks.

A topic I like is not available on Refind – what can I do?

While the number of topics we offer is limited (we’re still adding new ones), we have a nearly unlimited number of hashtags available that you can follow.

Search for the topic you’re interested in here and we will show you matching hashtags. Hashtags are not as actively curated as topics, but following a hashtag will make sure you get matching links in your daily picks. Hashtags that a lot of people are interested in usually get upgraded to topics eventually.

A site I love is not on Refind yet – what can I do?

We currently have more than 6000 publications and thought leaders available on Refind, and we’re always adding new ones. We’re committed to providing our users with an array of diverse, trustworthy voices from all over the world.

Search who is already on Refind and send us a request to add people and sites. We regularly review those requests for sites and people who share high quality links, and you’ll get a notification when someone you requested has been added.

Can you please stop showing me links to paywalled content?

For a service like Refind that helps you find interesting content from anywhere on the web, paywalls are a tricky matter. We know that it’s disappointing to click a link we recommend, only to find out that it’s behind a paywall.

On the other hand: Paywalls are an important part of a lot of sites’ business model. We respect that—and we encourage you to support sites that regularly publish content that is valuable to you.

We try to exclude links behind hard paywalls and reduce the number of links behind soft paywalls. Also, we try to give you a heads-up with the «expect paywall» and «paywall possible» labels so you know what to expect when you click on a link. (If you follow a publisher on Refind, their links go through no matter their paywall status.)

If that isn’t enough for you, you can always exclude specific sites from your daily picks by muting them on Refind.

Can I read articles in Refind while I’m offline?

We’re sorry, you can’t. It’s not that we didn’t think it’s a useful feature, we simply didn’t have time to build it yet.

Can I import RSS-feeds?

Refind is not a feed reader. While you can follow many different sources (both sites and people), we don’t provide you with a firehose of all the content they publish. Rather, Refind’s goal is to provide you with a daily digest of the most relevant links from all sources you follow and all interests you’ve let us know about (we call those the “Daily Picks” and you can define how many links you’d like and at what time of day you’d like them delivered).

We might add other ways to follow sources in the future, but it is currently not a priority.

Can I change the way links are opened in my mobile app?

Yes, you can. By default, links open in a fast browser inside the Refind app. If you’d like links to open in your preferred mobile browser, you can change that in the settings (external browser).

Note for Android users: Although our in-app browser uses Chrome Custom Tabs, it does not require Chrome. Other browsers can implement Chrome Custom Tabs too (for example, Firefox). If your browser doesn’t support Chrome Custom Tabs, you can always switch opening links in an external browser the app.

Is there a Refind extension for Safari?

Unfortunately not, at least for the time being. We used to have one, but it broke when Apple made some major changes to how extensions work. We’ll bring it back when we find time for it.

Until then you can use our little bookmarklet. It’s less convenient, but still gets the job done.

How can I save links on mobile?
  1. Install our app: iOS, Android
  2. Tap the Save button: iOS, Android
Can I access picks from previous days?

Yes, you can access older picks here.

Can I work for you?

We’re hiring! Reach out if you want to contribute to our mission: dominik@refind.com.

At this point, we’re mainly looking for mobile developers, data scientists, search and scalability engineers.

Don’t let this limit your imagination, though. If you have a unique set of skills that you think Refind will benefit from, we’re interested.

We’re a remote-friendly workplace. Wherever you are, we’d like to hear from you.

Rarely Asked Questions 🤓

Quick, be among the first to ask them before they end up in FAQ!

How can I see what the algorithm thinks I’m interested in (and fine-tune it)?

Our algorithm («Algo») uses around 300.000 keywords, we call them hashtags, to categorize content and match it with your personal interests. On this page you can see all keywords the algorithm thinks you have a non-neutral attitude towards. The higher the number, the more interested you seem to be (negative values are for hashtags you like to avoid). You can manually tweak the values by tapping on the plus or minus buttons, and you can add additional hashtags by searching for them. In general, this sort of manual tweaking shouldn’t be necessary: «Algo» starts with the topics you select in onboarding and learns about your interest as you use Refind.

If I squint, it looks like you're standing on the shoulders of giants—is that right?

Absolutely. Refind would not be possible without the work of many others. Check out our attributions page to see all the creators whose work we rely on.

I’m on Twitter all the time, but I sometimes forget to save links to Refind and regret it later when I have a hard time finding them again.

We know exactly what you’re talking about. That’s why you can activate Twitter Import in your settings, so that links get automatically saved to your Refind profile. There are two options you can activate: 1. Import all links you tweet. 2. Import all links from tweets you like.

I like this feature where I can «Chat with founder». I’m wondering, though – is that really you?

Yes. (That’s also the reason why it sometimes takes a while for me to get back to you—but I read every message.)

How can I collaborate with others on link collections?

Sometimes it just makes sense to work together to make the most of the web. You and your best friend both moved into leadership positions recently? Save the best reads on leadership you find on the web in a shared collection. About to become a parent for the first time? Create a collection with your spouse and save every bit of advice you find online. You’re an expert in digital transformation and are curating the most relevant reads in a collection? Maybe it’s even more fun with the help of a colleague.

Just click on «Add collaborator» in the header of your collection and send the invite link to the people you’d like to collaborate with (you can invite as many as you want).

Like your own collections, shared collections can be public (everyone can see them) or private (only collaborators see them).

How can I perform the same action on multiple links at once (bulk mode)?

To enter bulk mode – that allows you to add or remove tags to multiple links, add multiple links to a collection or remove multiple links from your reading list – do the following:

For any of the links you'd like to edit, open the options menu via the icon. Click Select and you're in bulk mode. You can now select all other links you want and finanlly choose the action you want to perform. Nice, isn't it?

You seem to ship a lot of updates and new features. How can I keep up?

We release several updates every day but rarely talk about them. When we talk about them, you can find a note on our Product News page.

I have a ton of links saved elsewhere and I don’t want to start from scratch. How do I import those links to Refind?

No problem. Head over here and you can either do a one-time import of all your links or connect your Pocket account to have all future saves to Pocket automatically imported to Refind.

Can I take my data with me if I decide to leave Refind?

Yes, you can. In the settings, you can request an export file with every link you ever saved to Refind and it’ll be ready for you shortly after. The export is in a standard format, so it should be possible to import those links to most other services. Oh, but if you’re really thinking about leaving us, send us a message and let us know what it would take for you to change your mind.

Inspired by Basecamp’s YESAQ.