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Entrepreneur,avid learner,lover of nature, the arts and technology.
Liliane Ferrari ™
Oui, c'est moi Sou de tudo um muito. Palestrante, Consultora, Profa Curadora @blogando Parceira @FLUVIPGlobal Criadora da #MetodologiaLF de #MKTDigital
João Costa de Souza
info on Technology,Cars,Digital Business,Computers & Rock'n'roll.
Thomas Schulz
Connecting contacts, communities and content: @gobottish @seed_token @healthetia @beeqco @xing_Z AMA @thomaSchulzBot 🤖⛓👩‍⚕️🐝💼
Spring water, organic vegan food, artist into the business world creating her own agroforestry, permaculture project. ecommerce, gamification, FinTech.