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Kirill So
🌏 Citizen of the World 🔮 Distributed Ledger Technology 🛠️ Working on 📝 "All you have to do is whatever it takes."
The Eric Erb Show
Live From Sunny Orlando,FL Its the One and Only EricErbShow. Were a Nationally Syndicated Blog Show.
mikedemarais ⌨︎
ask me about the future sometime. interface obsessed engineer. 👨‍💻 with/at: @balance_io, @zipdrug, @actblue, @dispatch_me. 🎓 walpole high class ‘10
Paul McNeal #BTC20K 🔥🏳️‍🌈
Bitcoin Evangelist and Aficionado. Friend. Mentor. Super Connector. Brand Evangelist. Tesla Enthusiast. ESFJ. Single ;)