Zorro Notorious M.E.B
Buck Borasky, Frontier Programmer: sit-down comedy, sports analytics, civic hacking, ... Join me on Refind https://refind.com/znmeb?invite=668bb6cf12


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Alyssa Goldberg
Mostly #rstats, #datascience with a soupcon of #resistance. And as always: A bad idea, poorly executed.
parvez ahmed
A renewable energy,water,efficiency, ideas and tech enthusiast
Kim Lawless
Female human. Research Lead @useformat. UX Researcher/Design Strategist. Parent, reader, art enthusiast, Toronto person.
Sofware Developer 👨‍💻 @melonport 🔗
Wanderlust Walker 🇵🇱 💯
Pisuję dla Komputer Świata i na http://marlowe.pl. Fotografia, książki, podróże, #czasemgotuję. Floor man @235PokerLounge. Tweets in 🇵🇱 & occasionally in 🇬🇧