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Buck Borasky - Frontier Programmer Basketball analytics and sit-down comedy Refind: https://refind.com/znmeb?invite=668bb6cf12


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Derek Sivers
Writer, programmer, avid student of life. Please email instead of tweet at me : https://sivers.org/contact
Lin Clark
stuffing my head with code and turning it into @codecartoons. also, tinkering with WebAssembly, @ServoDev, and a little @rustlang at @mozilla
Speaking truth to the new power. (Tweets mostly by @sarahcuda and Paul Bradley Carr)
Sarah Lacy
I'm the founder of Pando
The oddly informative news quiz from NPR
Understand the world so you can improve it. Since 2006 and still pushing. Click to buy your copy of The GOOD Guide to Donald Trump! http://good-mag.co/OGOD