Zorro Notorious M. E. B.
Buck Borasky, Frontier Programmer: sit-down comedy, sports analytics, civic hacking, ... Join me on Refind He/him http://refind.com/znmeb?invite=6


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Gavin Gillas
Live in the future, then build what's missing --Paul Graham
L.A. Miller
Landscape photographer, citizen scientist, amateur historian, human
Nils Hitze
Gentleman Nerd, Father of (almost) 8, ❤️ @souffleurlos, Evangelist for rent, Community Manager @toms3dp, Founder #makemunich, Head of Dev @pharma4u_de
Mariella Petrigni 🌍
Translator German, English, French, Spanish to Italian ★ PR Specialist ★ Corp Comms group https://refind.com/MPetrigni?invite=9ac7490994&group=733317d269675f1f
Alyssa Goldberg
Mostly #rstats, #datascience with a soupcon of #resistance. And as always: A bad idea, poorly executed.