Tomasz Tunguz
Venture capitalist at Redpoint Ventures. Author of Winning with Data

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Ryan Rodenbaugh
Living. Learning | These are my opinions! Tech Investing w/ @bluerunventures
Deepka Rana
VC Associate at @SunstoneVC || @imperialcollege grad || 🇬🇧 🇩🇪 🇮🇳
Kevin Newman
Helping fine artists share their stories. 🎨
Andrew Paterson
Launching startup Q1-18, aspiring children's book writer, door photographer, outdoor buff, lucky spouse & dad
Sabrina VDS
Digital project analyst & tech savvy, passionate about photography and (more recently) UX.
Ben Mathews
early stage investor @bessemervp. formerly @google. i tweet startups, nba + the occasional urban housing rant. slide into DMs