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Don Crowley
UX Designer | International experience | Currently working on Magister, EduArte and at @SchoolMasterBV | My tweets = my opinions #enfj, #Frysk
Dominik Grolimund
Founder at Refind. Studied computer science at ETH Zurich. Previously founded Caleido, Wuala, and Silp.
Richard Brynjólfsson
There is thunder in our hearts. Director at Large for @ICCTtweets, contributor to @GDNAToronto. I work for @acquia_support.
Carmen Villadar
#AIoT | Startup Consultant | Strategist | STEM | xRN Driven | FinTech | Blockchain | Futurist | Decentralization - Democratization Activist | ♥ ☕ ✈️ 💻🌎