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The Best Articles in Personal Finance

The most useful articles and videos in Personal Finance from around the web—beginners to advanced—curated by thought leaders and our community. We focus on timeless pieces and update the list whenever we discover new, must-read articles or videos—make sure to bookmark and revisit this page.

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Top 5 Personal Finance Articles

At a glance: these are the articles that have been most read, shared, and saved in Personal Finance by Refind users in 2023 so far.

  1. How to Enjoy Life When Everything is More Expensive
  2. The Art and Science of Spending Money
  3. Here's what being filthy rich in Europe looked like in 1000 BC, 1 AD, and 1000 AD
  4. How to Get Lucky
  5. How to Make $3k per Month - The Digital Nomad Playbook


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New to Personal Finance? These articles make an excellent introduction.

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Short on time? Check out these useful short articles in Personal Finance—all under 10 minutes.

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These are some of the most-read long-form articles in Personal Finance.

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Thought Leaders

We monitor hundreds of thought leaders, influencers, and newsletters in Personal Finance, including:

Annie Lowrey profile image

Annie Lowrey

Staff writer for @TheAtlantic, author of "Give People Money." I don't see DMs or check this space often, so please say hi on

ツ profile image

saasboi, cofounder fathom analytics host of “call paul” podcast

She Negotiates profile image

She Negotiates

We help women claim their value, earn their worth, and smash glass ceilings 🔥 On negotiating during the pandemic:

Personal Finance profile image

Personal Finance

@financialtimes feed with news, analysis and explainers about personal finance.

Grow profile image


Grow your knowledge and your wealth with @acorns


We monitor hundreds of publications, blogs, newsletters, and news sources in Personal Finance, including:

Money profile image


Make the most of it 💰 Sign up for our newsletters 👉🏽

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Personal Finance Advice, Analysis and Business Forecasts. Part of the @Futureplc publishing group. Join us at:

Darius Foroux profile image

Darius Foroux

Author of 7 books, including Think Straight. Wise & Wealthy is my weekly newsletter full of proven ideas to become smarter and wealthier. Join below:

Visual Capitalist profile image

Visual Capitalist

Data-driven visual content focused on global trends, investing, technology, and the economy.

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Big Think

Learn from the world’s greatest thinkers. Join us on

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We monitor 10k+ content sources on hundreds of topics—publications, blogs, news sites, newsletters, Substack, Medium, Twitter, etc.

Which sources does Refind monitor in Personal Finance?

We monitor hundreds of sources in Personal Finance, including Money, Kiplinger, Darius Foroux, Visual Capitalist, Big Think, and many more.

Who are the thought leaders in Personal Finance?

We follow dozens of thought leaders in Personal Finance, including Annie Lowrey, ツ, She Negotiates, Personal Finance, Grow.

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