Thomas Knuewer
Digital consultant, Blogger at Indiskretion Ehrensache & Gotorio, Speaker, founder of consultancy @kpunktnull.

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Jan Christe
co-founder of yeebase media & publisher of @t3n, a print & online magazine about digital business, startups and web technology
Niddal Salah-Eldin
Traveling the 🌏, n/a here. Next: Director of Digital Innovation & Consultant to editors-in-chief @welt @n24. Previously: Head of Social Media @welt.
Thomas Jaehnel
passionate about food, photography and traveling. tech enthusiast, breaking other peoples code - professionally
Steph Baltes
Freelance Consultant Digital Communications / New Media Producer / Social Media Manager / Mediendesignerin / Arbeitet @probonoTV.
Dirk Spannaus
coFounder of one of the best Social Media Management tools for entrepreneurs: @webZunder (@wbzndr)