Nick Frost @ SF Blockchain Week
Helping companies grow. Co-Founder @ CoinState |285,000+ LinkedIn Followers | #crypto #blockchain| @ShiftOrg, @DebutInbox Advisor. Prev. @Mattermark, @AngelList

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kit mueller
Community @ChoolaahYum | Serial Tummler, Founder, Investor, Advisor, Instigator | Pgh Champion
Cooee Design
Cooee Design is dedicated to being the go-to twitter account for information and news about design. Part of @cooeenetwork
Dariya Lopukhina
Blogger, content enthusiast, beer lover and Siberian husky fan. Marketing strategist @AnadeaInc.
Christian Gericke
General Manager, Production & Commercial Excellence 🇩🇪 @Xerox @XeroxDACH - previously @hpGraphicArts - Father of 2 amazing daughters and a French Bulldog
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