Current: @realventures. Previous: led @founderfuel, created McGill X-1 and AI Forum. 📚 + 🚲 + 🍌 = 😁

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Peter Brack
VC. Entrepreneur. Engaged citizen. Lived in China for 20 years so I know a thing or two about authoritarians.
Founder of 2 multi-million dollar startups by age 20 ⛏️ and Ethereum Ventures 🤖Crypto Enthusiast
Mark Maclean
Director at Montréal International. Tweets about Montréal, tech, entrepreneurship and NFL. Views are my own
Antoine 👋
Strategy, Operations, M&A TMT Management Consultant @pnrconsulting. Previously @coveo, @McGillU alum. Knowledge worm. Hockey, jazz, mexican food, #futureofwork.
LC Carrier
Co-founder of Gameday (YC S17)