Thomas Cloer 🇪🇺
A man of wealth (negligible) and taste (considerable). War früher™ Journalist. Kommuniziert jetzt für @retarus. Spricht für sich selbst.

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Android Developers
News and announcements for developers from the Android team //
Wolfgang Blau
President of Condé Nast International. (before: CDO // Exec. Dir. Digital Strategy, Guardian // Editor-in-Chief // Silicon Valley reporter)
Franziska Bluhm
journalist, digital consultant, blogger // social media, digital and content strategy, change, innovation
Sascha Pallenberg
Former Techblogger who became the Head of Digital Content at Daimler AG. Views are my own. Always ;)
Troy Hunt
Pluralsight author. Microsoft Regional Director and MVP for Developer Security. Online security, technology and “The Cloud”. Creator of @haveibeenpwned.
Speaking truth to the new power. (Tweets mostly by @sarahcuda and Paul Bradley Carr)