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Benedict Evans
Trying to work out what's going on, and what happens next. Curious. Easily bored. Single parent. Expat in San Francisco. @a16z
Matt Phillips
Experienced media & tech comms consultant: PPR Consulting. @propellerites @blewburyplayers, #COYS, Ex @BBC @BPI_music
Romain Dillet 🙃
Writing about tomorrow, looking for the perfect emoji today. Senior Writer at @TechCrunch.
Gustavo Vinacua
BBVA Innovation Center & Open innovation founder. Love open collaboration & talented people. building a new biz from within! CEO @ trust-u. Views are my own
severin matusek
Founder @co_matter, former VP @EyeEm & editor @lomography. Head of Communication @techfestivalcph #cphletter. Into communities, communication & bicycles.
Xavier Damman
Building a platform for our generation where citizens can organize and form associations based on transparency @opencollect. Previously cofounder of @Storify.