Dez Papp
Founder | Social Media Marketer | Growth Hacker Digital marketing & growth junkie. Wild at heart by the #WildAtlantic

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Jorge A. Mussuto
I am enthusiastic user Traveling Bike Rider Geek Audiophile Classical Opera Jazz Great Gourmet Technical Computers Engineering LGBT Klout sportsman. Critic
Press8 Telecom
#VoIP #Hosted #PBX #smallbusiness phone system for #SMB with over 50 features including auto attendant, voicemail to text, call queues and more! #telecom #tech
Thomas Schulz
Connecting contacts, communities and content: @gobottish @seed_token @healthetia @beeqco @xing_Z AMA @thomaSchulzBot 🤖⛓👩‍⚕️🐝💼
Jacob Jarnvall
I'm really good at surrounding myself with people smarter than me.
Adam Gray
I create the space for people and organisations to excel at social media. CoFounder of Digital Leadership Associates #Strategist #Speaker #Author #AgentOfChange