lewis richards
Cooking up a storm with @DXCTechnology #upgradeyourself Digital World Explorer. Welsh Morpheus

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Christian Muench
Freelance digital Strategist, Manager & Coach. Addicted to Tech, Innovation & Media. #DigitalMarketing #DigitalTransformation #CustomerExperience
Anthony Klinkert
Master Certified IT (RF) Architect, Registered PE, cellular/LTE, wireless, microwave, IoT, 5G, mathematical optimization, optimal network topology @Klinkert
Leonardo Sumulong
Digital Content & Comms. strategist pivoting into UX. NYC native. Lived 8 years in Budapest. Tweeting views on #design, #art, etc. Inveterate #foodie.
Robert Wood
I'm a Sage 100 Consultant in Central Florida (Ocala) I read and I know things. Mostly I know how little I know.