Stowe Boyd
Obsessed with the ecology of work, and the anthropology of the future. Futures. Research. Dissent.

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Emily Davidow
mom, founder @BehomeNZ, producer & director @JourneywRT, designer, writer, adventurer, entrepreneur, explorer, @GardenGeekNZ, real food advocate
Venessa Miemis
futurist, social researcher, mediamaker
Bosse Küllenberg
Chief Digital Officer (Hamburg & New York) at #Tech #StartUp @Youpooly | Desaster for Problems
Robert Lindstedt
I´m a Hotel-Geek with an international background. Food, vin och en hund. Ordförande i Norbergs Slalomklubb.
Omar Vasquez Lima
Bachelor of Business Administration - IT Support & SysAdmin - Comm. Builder & Entrepreneur - Surfer & Skater - Father of 3 - Venezuelan & Citizen of the World