Steve Rayson
I tweet about content marketing, social analytics, elearning, SEO and startups. @buzzsumo @anderspink Political stuff at

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Kannen Parmanum✒🏄
Blogger ♐visit my blog about People, Technology and Strategy ↗ ↖ #Recruitment #blog #digitalmarketing #contentmarketing
Helping #Kickstarter / #Indiegogo / #Crowdfunding campaigns. Hyperstarter is a must-use analytics tool that checks pages & offers valuable campaign advice.
Carlos Ojeda
BizDigital. Ayudando a startups en @OpenFuture_And. Coordinación Académica @SmmUs en @unisevilla. Acelerando centro de formación en @FesacSSCC
We let teams manage shared inboxes like Support@ or Sales@ right from their #Gmail inbox.
Project Bunster
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