steven healey
I am a business video chat show host on and Lightstream, a Udemy instructor and author. Based in Wiltshire UK

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Florian Seroussi
I do what I love and love what I do. Founder @Sendersinfo @Trackbuster and owner @Evercontact, Investor in 30+ startups.
Berrie Pelser
Berrie Pelser ✯ ✯ WordPress Google SEO Cloud Hosting Webdesign Social Media Strategy Internet Marketing @IdoPelser
Colin Scotland
As an Online Marketing & Brand Strategist I help entrepreneurs to grow online businesses with bold and visionary marketing. I tweet here too @TheLogicalFox
Doug Holman
Founder of Business Game Ltd. providing on-line simulation-based business games for leadership development and team-building.
Deborah Rock
SA with some acting experience Films, TV Dramas, Stormzy Film, Brotherhood, Midsomer Murders, Dr Foster 2, The Hitman's Bodyguard