Franz Steiger
Passionate CFO with interests in new technologies, econocmics and politics. Divisional CFO at @sbbnews Real Estate. views are my own

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Patrik Schaer
Entrepreneurial Mind I #FinTech Founder @selmafinance I Improviser I Banker I CFA charterholder I MSc @CBScph I Globetrotter I Liberal I Switzerland I Finland
David Wenger
Bringing Tech, Location Based Services, Marketing and Real Estate together. Adding deep powder and single trails for fun.
Sibylle Trenck
User Experience Architect / Problem Solver / SBB AG / MAS Human Computer Interaction Design #CoCreation #InteractionDesign #UX #SBBconnect #SBBinnovation
Ivo Bättig
Partner @Unic, Holacracy Implementation Lead & Coach @Unic, Transformation Consultant, Kreadigitaler, Unternehmer, Referent, Gamer, MTG-Player, Läufer/Kletterer
Cyril Mugglin
#Drone program & projects at @swisscom_de. Follow me for relevant #tech stuff.