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Michael Hood
optimizing. i think about things a lot: #webperf, javascript loading, @chromiumdev. #perfmatters
Inian Parameshwaran
Founder @dexecure, JavaScript, Web Perf and Chocolates. Opinions are of my employer
Andreas Lenz
#SaaS and #Blockchain enthusiast, helping businesses and young founders grow their brands. ♥ 2 make things happen! CEO & Co-Founder of @t3n Magazine✌
We help you deliver amazing digital experiences to strengthen your brand and grow your business.
Andy Davies
Web Performance advocate at @NCCGroupWebPerf, Arduino dabbler, vegetable grower. Husband to @nickidavies, Dad to @ninjanails and Jon (too young to tweet).
Nicolás Bevacqua
🎉 Open-Source 😍 JavaScript @elastic 📚 Writes @mjavascript 📔 Published @buildfirst ✍ @ponyfoo ⛵ @beerjsba 🛬