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Graphic & Web Designer, Game Journalist, Monster Hunter Veteran, Hero... You name it. Free speech doesn’t pay the bills. Tweets don’t represent employer.
Bala S.
#UX / #Ads @SchibstedGroup - Startups, Aerospace, Energy, FinTech, Public Sector - Views my own / - experiments @KeepItVisible @1uxtip Contributer @hackernoon
Daniele D'Angeli
Love travels and life first, sometimes I work as IT developer #web #coding #startup #sport #fishing and #books reader. #Cryptocurrency enthusiast
Paul McNeal #BTC20K
Bitcoin Evangelist and Aficionado. Friend. Mentor. Super Connector. Brand Evangelist. Tesla Enthusiast. ESFJ. Single ;)
Brian Balfour
Founder/CEO @ Reforge, Previously VP Growth @ HubSpot, EIR @ Trinity Ventures, Co-Founder at Boundless, Viximo, and PopSignal.