Become 1% better, every day

We tend to underestimate how small improvements add up. If you get 1% better at something every day, that doesn’t feel like much. You might not even notice it at first. Keep at it, and progress becomes remarkable though. 1% better each day means 37 times better after one year.
🧠✨  87 day streak
Also, you’ve just trained «Algo» 🤖.
How do streaks work?
New logic
Refind’s goal is that you read at least one inspiring piece every day so we’ve designed streaks based on two key actions.
  • Made me smarter: It’s the behavior we want to incentivize as Refind revolves around reading at least one inspiring piece every day.
  • Read later: No time to read on a given day? No worries—we get it, life can be busy sometimes. Tap Read later (bookmark icon) to keep your streak going.
Tap one of them every day to keep your streak going.
What changed? Previously we also looked at email opens but at least since Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) this is no longer a reliable metric.