Stefan Smiljkovic
Biz Dev, Growth Hacker, UI/UX. Founder of @automatio_co @vanila_io, @wireflow_co ... In love with @plavookac, Meteorjs, Low poly Design, Space ...

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Juwan Wheatley 🌾
developer. minimalist. student. if i'm not writing @expo_io apps or hanging out with @leannenicole_2 at @TowsonU, i'm probably watching anime 👨🏿‍💻
Transhumanist, Futurist, Cybergeek, Tech-enthusiast, code_Monkey(): ⚠_High_Tech_Low_Life_⚠
Radomir Basta
CEO and co-founder at @theFourDots, @Dibz_tool and @ReportzApp. Huge tattoo fan and angry driver. Lecturer at Digital Marketing Institute.
Mary Eleanor
UX | UI | Front-End Dev | Designer | Photographer | Swimmer | Triathlete -- “You must do the thing you think you cannot do.” –Eleanor Roosevelt
Daniel Margreth
software engineer @lambda_it, organizer @uphillconf