Rand Fishkin
Founder of @Moz, host of WB Friday, husband to @everywhereist, feminist, author of "Lost & Founder" (out 2018). I tweet ~40X/wk on marketing, SEO, & startups.

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Samuel Pavin 🤓
Brand strategist. Tech/Startups/Social Media. Marketing Lead @UQ_ilab - Previous Founder @IBMGE France. Growth @AT_translations #huaweikol
Anna Aria
Writing is what I do. Brand storyteller at @Inapptics. Former digital marketing manager @MargarianLaw. Founder and Publisher of http://anatown.com.
Bitcoin trader and investor
Writer, SEO, Blogging, Meditation, and Mindfulness.
Silvan Forster
Bärner Giu. Part of digital team @Migros Aare & @tedxbern team. Interested in #agile | #AI | #digitalleadership | #mobileux | #designthinking | #TED |