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Si fas que els adversaris vinguin a tu per combatre, la seva força estarà sempre buida. Si no surts a combatre, la teva força estarà sempre plena.

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guillaume cabane
VP Growth @Drift | Advisor @Segment| Ex-Apple. Doing Internet stuff since 97', still not billionaire but working on it! I'm crazy and I know it. #Pastafarian
Ramon Fabregat
BCDS-IIiA-ATC-UdG. Aprendizaje inclusivo, accesible y adaptativo, plataformas de e-learning, Co-Creación REA, RA, GBL, Altas Capacidades
Jeff Robinson
Internet VC - Focus: Artificial Intelligence + Real Time Platforms - Author - Mentor - Adviser - Igniting the Startup Community Globally @iBullReport
Robin Dechant
Associate @PointNineCap. Technology Optimist. Deep interest in Product Management, #SaaS, #Marketplace, #Industry40 & Running.
timo dechau
Product-Sommelier. Maker of simple tools. I tweet about Saas, Reporting, products, inbound marketing & analytics.
Greg Meyer
Data + Product at @OutboundWorks, Photographer. Artist. Sports fan. Customer Experience. Connector. Startups. Tweets = mine. How can I help?