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Si fas que els adversaris vinguin a tu per combatre, la seva força estarà sempre buida. Si no surts a combatre, la teva força estarà sempre plena.

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Rich Smolen
Strategic partner and finance leader to PE-backed companies | Dad to 6 great kids | Husband to amazing wife | Lover of great food
Ramon Fabregat
BCDS-IIiA-ATC-UdG. Aprendizaje inclusivo, accesible y adaptativo, plataformas de e-learning, Co-Creación REA, RA, GBL, Altas Capacidades
Kyle Byrd
Designer, Founder, Shark Tank Alum. I work on hardware, software, and systems with a soft spot for 3D Printing and Humanitarian Tech
Stefan Smiljkovic
Biz Dev, Growth Hacker, UI/UX. Founder of @automatio_co @vanila_io, @wireflow_co ... In love with @plavookac, Meteorjs, Low poly Design, Space ...
Yonatan Levy
Product Leader, Entrepreneur, Artist. Author of The Other Ideas. LinkedIn: http://bit.ly/2y5Kjy0 FB: http://bit.ly/2y42DHF Medium: http://bit.ly/2kvNpIy