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Refind is a new distribution channel for your content. Get your stories in front of an engaged community of readers and influencers who discover, read, and save what’s worth their attention. We’d love to have you on board.

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We’ll recommend you and your content to matching users.


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Sign up for Refind with your Twitter account. It takes 2 minutes to get up and running.

2. Auto posting

We’ll import your stories from your Twitter feed—all you need to do is tweet them.


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Get the publisher badge to stand out and get followed. We’ll feature you in various places.

Fair Use

Great stories are what make the web and Refind great, and it’s important to us that we add value to the ecosystem by distributing the most relevant stories to the right readers.

We offer an optional Reader View to logged-in users for some stories, allowing users to read, share, comment, and highlight a story.

All stories prominently link to the source. If you’re the publisher of a story, you can always request that we don’t offer the Reader View for a particular story, or for all of your stories. It’s early stage for Refind—once we start monetizing, we will share our revenue with publishers.


Engaged readers and influencers use Refind to discover quality content to read and share.


Fully automatic

Your links get posted to Refind automatically when you share them on Twitter.



We’re pre-revenue. Once we start monetizing, we’ll share our revenue with publishers and authors.


Get followed

People follow people and interests—and also publishers from a curated list.


Get recommended

You and your content get recommended to interested people.


Stand out

Your links are emphasized.


Extended life

People save for later, find again, and re-discover. Refind extends the life of your content beyond its original run.


More from you

Readers get to see more content from you in the related links section.



As a publisher you’ll get a special badge next to your name.

What our users say

Dan Ariely

“Refind helps me expand my horizon and spend more time on the things that matter.”

Dan Ariely, best-selling author

Chris Messina

“Refind is like Product Hunt for the most useful links on the web.”

Chris Messina, Inventor of the hashtag

Myke Naef

“The best way to save, share, discover, and—most importantly—rediscover the web’s classics.”

Myke Naef, Founder Doodle

Nico Luchsinger

“Once you've started to use Refind, you can’t imagine going back.”

Nico Luchsinger, Founder Sandbox

Thom Nagy

“I’m consistently amazed by the quality of my feed. If you don’t use Refind yet: you’re missing out.”

Thom Nagy, Strategist Tageswoche

Severin Hacker

“I love the weekly digest!”

Severin Hacker, Founder Duolingo

Toni Schneider

“Refind has a great early community that helps me find interesting stories.”

Toni Schneider, Partner True Ventures

Werner Vogels

“My favorite discovery tool.”

Werner Vogels, Amazon CTO

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