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Rodrigo Giaffredo
Catalisador de inovação, professor, palestrante 🇧🇷 | Meus tweets são só meus
John Miller
He is an expert in Digital Marketing and Technology domains. John is covering the growing world of technology and digital marketing from last 12 years.
Vedran Rudelj ≠ ☃
Vedran is an Interaction Design Engineer who enjoys to design & develop components, style guides, websites & apps. Running Kickshops & Unchained Commerce
Content Writer & Positive Influencer
Benjamin Perrin 🦉
zealous #content creator & curator | wannabe DJ | changing #freelancing @comet_freelance | alumni @_joinlion | tweetin' good reads with nice GIFs & bad puns
Veni Kunche
I curate @codewithveni 👩🏽‍💻. Working on @diversifytechco and @ionickits. Sr. Software Engineer @ USGS. @UWMadison alum.