Praveen Singh
Founder & CEO of @startupmaxima, @99tests - Software Testing Marketplace of 25,000 Testers. ENFP, Strengths - Future, Maximiser, Positivity, Strategy, Ideation.

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Hater of Brexit & inequality. Founder of online platforms that automate the middleman.
Josh Muccio
Host and executive producer @thepitchshow from @gimletmedia, husband to Lisa Muccio, amateur skier, coffee/wine connoisseur and professional kid wrangler
Brandon — Bee Design
You and I were born to be free, to blaze our own trail, to be creative, to make a difference, to love and to enjoy. — Tweets by Brandon Scott Bayer
Adrianna Tan
I am a busybody.
Gerry GiacomanColyer
Just playing in my sandbox. Growing @siftery
Prayas Mittal
Optimistically Skeptic Product Guy, Always joking, Always serious.