Peter Bickhofe
Art Director, VR-, Hololens- & Game Developer, Unity3D, Location Based Gaming, Immersive Training/Learning. Play now:

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Tobias Kopka
Artistic & Program-Director ✦ before @ Quo Vadis, Respawn et al ✦ transnational mindset 🇪🇺✦ ❤️ tech, games, art & the demoscene
Geoffrey Miles
Tech // Digital Media // Director @newbraveworld // ED @resistance_mc // IG: ge.of // comments are my own.
Kolja De Vitis 🦄
Dad, husband, media geek. Being around in communications for research establishments and tech enterprises since 2002. Degreed journalist, easily distracte
Christian Gleich
Director Crowd Strategy @Hyve_Innovation Futurist, Innovator, Speaker, Author, Mentor, Angel ❤️#Bots #AR #VR #AI #IoT @FCBayern @HeroesBots @ZALVUS | DigitalJah
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