Pedro Dias
Digital Marketer & Partner @ apis3. Ex-Google Search Quality/Webspam. Google Dev Mkt Mentor. I fix SEO disasters, tweet about Search & random stuff [-c°▥°]-c

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Renê Fraga
Blogueiro de Tecnologia. Entusiasta do Android e Ubuntu Mate. Fundador do @GoogleDiscovery e Editor-Chefe do @ArquivoUFO. #eXcer #XPhile
Estêvão Soares
♦Business Consultant ♦Social Media + Strategy ♦Data Analyst ♦Pianist
Huxley Dias
Designer and Web Analytics Specialist
Rodrigo Dantas
Entrepreneur, founder and CEO of @vindibr (Subscription Billing in Brazil). I was part of the digital revolution. #fintech #saas
Adam Sherk
Consultant helping publishers with enterprise SEO, digital strategy and audience development. VP SEO and Digital Strategy at Define Media Group @definemg
Cobus van Vuuren
A Crazy African Unconventionaly Inspired to Grow, Learn, Contribute and Live the Good Life!