Pascal Briod
Social Entrepreneur / Co-founder of @Monito and @directionntolo (NPO) / Master in Development Studies at @IHEID

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Alex Calder
Lead Conversion Strategist @nativesgc Analytics, Insights and Research specialists. We belong to @NativesGroupHQ
Leon-Gerard Vandenberg, Blockchain Wireless @Solara_io #eSIM #unbanked disruptive, #SolarPunk, Bioinformatics, Auth+silicon tech PGP key 26D8 9BB1 1A99 BFD2
Yann Graf
Digital Strategy Consultant with a focus on Design, UX and Conversion rate. Blogger, Runner and Multilingual (FR,DE,EN) - Organizer of @drinksplustech in Basel
Jonas Vonlanthen
Partner at Liip. Passionate about people. Pushing the web further. #Teal organizations advocate. #Blockchain and #cryptocurrency enthusiast.