Paweł Łukasik
CxO of Octal Solutions a .NET software house · passionate dev · blogger · occasionally speaker · WrocNET UG leader · Microsoft MVP ·

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Andrzej Krzywda
Arkency CEO Ruby, Rails, React.js, Remote, snapchat: andrzejkrzywda
Dariusz Lenartowicz
Owner of Softio (CIO at P2P2 Sp. z o.o.) Event-Sourcing, CQRS, DDD, NancyFx, http://ASP.NET MVC, MS SQL Server, WebDesign.
Aaron Terry
VP of Development for @MemberCentral Web Application Developer. Systems Admin juggler/hoop jumper.
A work in progress; enigmatic; versatile; sociable; compassionate; empathetic; outspoken; determined.
Open sourcerer wannabe. Lots of things intrigue me. I teach TDD. Also good puns. Rust Evangelism Strike Force afterhours shift.