Osioke Oarue-Itseuwa
I love to simplify things. ECKist. Nigerian. Equalist. OSSer. DIYer. Lover. Community Manager @devcenterco. Traveler & Adventurer @ganinigeria

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Benjamin Wilkins
Navigating the world through progressively digital and hyper-connected ways.
Solomon Osadolo
Retired Superhero. From a planet in outer space. Copywriter @Anakle | Editor @forloopAfrica Weekly | Fmr Head of Content & SEO @Hotelsng
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🇩🇪🇪🇺 Curious Designer & Maker in New York. Building http://semplice.com for Creatives ✍🏼 Sends a personal weekly email http://www.vanschneider.com/signup
Ryan Hoover
Founder of @ProductHunt. Weekend Fund investor. Real likes, no gimmicks. ✌️😸
Adrian Zumbrunnen
I like solving problems. Leading Design for @Google Lens in Assistant. Creator of Mindful and UX Bear. Formerly @iA. My website talks to you.
Connecting what happens now to what happens next. Developer relations. Agile Lover. Optimist. Pragmatist. Technologist. Building @DevCenterco.