Oliver J. Gabor
Creative Innovator @dotag_ch or call me a #multipotentialite, #Agile Coach, #Innovator, Visual Facilitator, Business Analyst - Priv.: Husband & dad of 2 boys

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Roger Renggli
Karriereberater für Software Engineers | Personalberater | Psychologist | HR experienced | Recruiting, Hiring, Job Search, Cultural Fit, Perfect Job
Oliver Ganz
CTO & Co-founder of @TestingTime. We recruit test users for Usability studies and market research
Walter Schärer
Online marketer and SEO by day with https://www.blueglass.ch/, travel blogger by night with https://travelmemo.com & https://reisememo.ch
andre sommer
Former #TeamLeader and #ProjectManager, lives #Holacracy and #AgileProjects, creates #EForms solutions with associated process, likes #coffee and #sports