Martin S Christensen
Partner at Reload A/S / Socialsquare. Ph.d., dad, Experienced omninerd. Curious in all things internet. Likes pancakes. And wine. Not necessarily in that order.

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Cisco IoT
Official Twitter page for Cisco Internet of Things. We're your source for finding out what's new in the world of #IoT + #IIoT. Twitter DJ: @stephhgaspar
IBM Watson IoT
Official @IBM #WatsonIoT account. Always thinking about reinventing business with #AI and #IoT. Managed by @theRab and @GraemeKnows. Ask @IBMIoTSupport.
danah boyd
sociotechnical researcher | Microsoft Research, Data & Society (@datasociety), NYU |
Chris Anderson
CEO of @3DRobotics, runs @DIYRobocars, @DIYDrones, @Dronecode. Wrote Long Tail, FREE, Makers. Ex Wired, Economist, Nature, Science. (Profile photo by Joi Ito)
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