Martin S Christensen
Partner at Reload A/S / Socialsquare. Ph.d., dad, Experienced omninerd. Curious in all things internet. Likes pancakes. And wine. Not necessarily in that order.

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Martin Ludvigsen
Designer of stuff, actions, experiences and thoughts
Sibylle Trenck
User Experience Architect / SBB AG / HSR Student – MAS Human Computer Interaction Design #InteractionDesign #UX #SBBSCI #SBBconnect
Jacob Bøtter
Hacker, designer and all-round trouble-maker. Founder of various companies and organizations. Author of three books: @unboss @nqbook @udefra
Stowe Boyd
Futurist, social critic, writer, wisenheimer.
Robb Beal
Apple Design Award-Winning Product Leader