Nicolas Martin
Product @bankin, Previously @mention ✪, hungry / foolish

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Clément Bergantz
Product - design - humans & machines ✌
Design @ProductHunt x @AngelList | 🐱,🐐, and 🗑🐼 | Prev @wearetmsf, @deezer, @dailymotion, @GitBookIO among others
Ouriel Ohayon
french - israeli. co-founder @Isai_fr (VC). Entrepreneur (Techcrunch, Appsfire) / investor (Teads, Outbrain, Eyeview, Blabla car..). #blockchain addict.
Christoph Janz
Entrepreneur turned #saas investor at @pointninecap. Investor in @zendesk, @algolia, @typeform, ... Check out our talent pool:
Vianney Lecroart
Founder of @talkusio; All Your Customer Support. In Slack! • @meteorjs Paris ambassador