Getting to Know Your Customers

Nettra Pan (ប៉ាន នេត្រា) 🧢 🦇 🔊
Ξntrepreneurship Researcher & Asst. Prof. @BayesBSchool. Working with humans to discover, build and distribute purpose-driven innovation.

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Getting to Know Your Customers
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What is different about serving customers an innovative product or service? And what data do you need to succeed? This deep dive will equip you with the basic skills and mindsets required to get to know your customer.

Nettra Pan is an expert in entrepreneurship and social innovation. Her work is focused on how firms resolve tensions between commercial and seemingly non-commercial imperatives. She draws on frameworks from psychology and sociology to better understand how startups and venture capital-like firms with a social impact mandate can succeed. Nettra's research has been presented at leading research conferences in entrepreneurship, social impact and innovation. She is a Lecturer in Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation at The Business School (formerly Cass).

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Nettra Pan (ប៉ាន នេត្រា) 🧢 🦇 🔊
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Nettra Pan (ប៉ាន នេត្រា) 🧢 🦇 🔊
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Nettra Pan (ប៉ាន នេត្រា) 🧢 🦇 🔊
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Nettra Pan (ប៉ាន នេត្រា) 🧢 🦇 🔊
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Nettra Pan (ប៉ាន នេត្រា) 🧢 🦇 🔊
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Nettra Pan (ប៉ាន នេត្រា) 🧢 🦇 🔊
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Nettra Pan (ប៉ាន នេត្រា) 🧢 🦇 🔊
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Nettra Pan (ប៉ាន នេត្រា) 🧢 🦇 🔊
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Nettra Pan (ប៉ាន នេត្រា) 🧢 🦇 🔊
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