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Adithya Shreshti
Founder @ KnowMad Life | Ex-Community Manager at @factordaily | Growth Hacking | Tech | Elon Musk |
Luca M. Sergio
President & CEO, Ethis (healthcare marketing, #ophthalmology & #optometry), Managing Partner, Ethis HealthTech (business development, #HealthIT #mHealth)
Sibylle Trenck
User Experience Architect / SBB AG / HSR Student – MAS Human Computer Interaction Design #InteractionDesign #UX #SBBSCI #SBBconnect
Lars Trieloff
Slowgrammer. Principal at Adobe. Ideas not my own. Does consciousness exist?
Ward Plunet
Neuroscientist who is diving into deep learning and mixing in a bit of decentralization and blockchain technology