Samantha Zhang
Design Lead @GraphiqHQ. Passionate for scalable design systems, tools, and mixed reality.

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John Smith
full time carer / ex developer / ex devops / comedy nerd / martial arts for fitness fun and self defence. @drunkyfist for health stuff.
Leading the marketing function at @TinyMCE, the world's most popular open source rich-text editor. Love tech, tunes, words. Aussie!
Jack Lo Russo
Designer, developer & Pokémon master. Product / Design Systems / React / CSS 😍 Accidental generalist (but it’s turned out to be a happy accident).
Drew Albinson
Drawing Designer / Bagel Rat
Sarah Kuehnle
Head of Product @ Dribbble. Designer/Developer/Illustrator/Geek. Kicking cancer's ass since 2015.