Mike Flam
Business-Photographer, Portrait, Headshots, Events, curious, people, art, languages, travel, yoga, badminton, contact improvisation, YES, fotomarathonzh.ch

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Marcel Hungerbühler
Entrepreneur (@savado). Social Web Enthusiast. Social Media. Business Innovation. Online Marketing (@sml_zhaw).
Daniel Schwarz
Community Manager #SBB, Bahn/ÖV-Fan, Bärn, #Breitsch, #Movember | SBB Contact: @RailService (Support) / @SBBnews (Press) |
Michael M.Nussbaumer
Online and e-commerce enthusiast who loves to break new grounds in the online business world. Founder of http://www.m8ebusiness.com MTAMO
Roman Kappeler ⛷🏄🏻
Communicator, marketer, content creator, ICT and sports. Head of communications at cablex AG. http://Instagram.com/swissroman https://about.me/romankappeler
Pascal Durr
Executive MBA in Business Engineering, Swiss Finance Institute, Raiffeisen Internet / E-Banking / Call Center.
Mario Götz
Senior Projektleiter @gkb_ch - Bastler bei @rumblebox_cbg - Bündner - Media Engineer - Privater Kanal