ᴹᵃˣ Tillich
Into design ethics, healthcare, speculative design. Previously shaped things at @Twitter, @BoilerRoomTV, @productgang. Made at @idpotsdam.

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frog design
frog is a global design and strategy firm. Learn more about us: http://frogdesign.com/ | IG frog_design
Schmarl, Schöneweide, Shibuya!
Carl Icahn
Chairman of Icahn Enterprises L.P.; etc., etc. Some people get rich studying artificial intelligence. Me, I make money studying natural stupidity.
Android Developers
News and announcements for developers from the Android team // http://YouTube.com/AndroidDevelopers
Jesse James Garrett
Human experience design storytelling at Capital One. History: Adaptive Path, The Elements of User Experience, Ajax. The history of the future begins now. He/him