Matthew Hughes
Technology reporter @thenextweb. Lovable bearded northerner. Software developer. Burger enthusiast. Lib Dem. Email me at

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Stagger Lee
plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose. adronite | digital advocate.
Dominic Martinez
Providing virtual business services to UK businesses. Interested in #startup #recruitment and #socialmedia
International investment firm, helping the world’s most disruptive technology companies scale globally.
James Gupta
Founder & CEO of @Synap - an innovative study tool for students. Medical Doctor (non-practicing) & Director @Doctorpreneurs. Gamer, Geek, Guitarist.
Learn more in less time with Synap, the world's most powerful education platform. Premium version now available!
Cambie + Co. ☃️
Getting your business from startup to success. Social Media | Growth | Influence