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Myriam Joire
Tech journalist, podcaster, speaker. Media advisor, consultant, entrepreneur. Developer, trouble maker, queer. Ex Pebble, Engadget, Dolby, Sony, LucasArts.
We're the Electronic Frontier Foundation. We defend your civil liberties in a digital world.
Gabriel Whaley
i'll click any link once // founder // ex-buzzfeed
Hank Green - 🗽🤖
Author of /An Absolutely Remarkable Thing/. Co-creator of Crash Course, SciShow, Vlogbrothers, VidCon, and other things.
danah boyd
sociotechnical researcher | Microsoft Research, Data & Society (@datasociety), NYU |
Curiosity Rover
Your friendly neighborhood NASA Mars rover. Exploring the Red Planet since 2012. Team headquartered at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory 🚀 @NASAJPL